eBay accidentally suspended ‘a small number’ of users

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On December 3rd, eBay accidentally suspended a number of users. The platform acknowledged the issue and said that users who were accidentally suspended have received a notification so they can resolve the issue.

Users across social media began reporting that they were suspended from eBay on Friday despite not breaking any rules on the platform. Dozens of other users have added their own experiences to the thread that is dedicated to the issue, despite the original post being deleted. A user describes their own account of the situation, which is echoed by other comments.

The woman told me it wouldn't be discussed and then cut me off after I did an online chat. A member since 1999 has not sold anything for years, no disputes, and has bought 5 small items with no issues.

Some users claim that eBay canceled their bids on products that they already purchased and received, some of which were "Buy It Now" items, which users can buy directly from eBay. Users say they received an email from the company saying that they put the eBay community at risk. Some users claim that when they contacted eBay's customer service, their bans were upheld, and no further information was given to them.

A few eBay accounts were inadvertently suspended yesterday. Users who need to take action have been notified. If you still need help, please send us your name, email, and zip so we can check it out.
Ask eBay on December 4, 2021.

Users across the internet complained of the random suspensions that took place on the 3rd. eBay responded to some of the reports the next day, saying that users could ask the eBay account on the social media site to sort out the issue.

A small number of eBay accounts were inadvertently suspended on December 3rd. Users who need to take action have been notified. We are sorry that this may have caused concern.

We don't know how many users were accidentally suspended, as well as why this occurred, despite eBay acknowledging the issue. We can theorize that the mass suspensions might have been caused by an error with eBay.


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