Raised by Wolves S2 teaser reminds us why we loved the series—until the S1 finale

The second season of Raised by Wolves is coming in February.

The first glimpse of S2 of Raised by Wolves is here, and we are mixed about it. On the other hand, we're thrilled that the strikingly androgynous Danish actress is returning to star as Mother, and we're also happy that the visuals are amazing. The first season's narrative was anchored by her extraordinary performance, and that same viibe is present in the preview.

The S1 finale has a lot of information below.

The first two episodes of the series were directed by Ridley Scott. After Earth has been destroyed by a religious war, the story involves two androids who serve as Mother and Father on a strange virgin planet, called Kepler 22b. They are programmed to raise human children to rebuild the population and set up an atheist civilization to keep the human race from going extinct. Campion was the only one of the original six children who survived.

The remnants of an extreme religious sect from Earth, the Mithraic, found their way to the same planet aboard a spaceship. The team tried to kill Campion.


Mother is a reprogrammed weaponized android called The Necromancer, who once slaughtered unbelievers back on Earth. She crashed their ark onto the planet after turning her sonic screams on the Mithraic. She brought the surviving Mithraic children into her fold.

Marcus and his partner, Sue, did not like that. The Mithraic leader, Ambrose, ordered them to rescue their son Paul from Mother and Father. The fate of the human race is at stake as the various conflicts escalate and the planet has its own secrets and hidden dangers.

Mother, an artificial intelligence programmed to nurture, birth, and raise human children on an alien planet, is once again played by the same person.

The pacing of Raised by Wolves S1 was too slow, but I found it weird and atmospheric. Mother became pregnant after having virtual sex with her virtual reality creator. Mother vomited up a snake with no obvious means of generating lift, instead of giving birth to a baby as she'd hoped. It was called a "disturbing, over-the-top ploy that simply wasn't sufficient payoff for the viewer" in my review.


TheFASS, the flying alien sucker snake, is going to be a major part of the narrative for S2. This was not good news since the fates of Mother and Father remained unclear. There's barely a hint of the FASS to be seen, apart from a brief glimpse of a snake figure painted on a rock, and this is a good sign that the pair will be back in full force for the second season.

Marcus seems to be reverting into one of the strange creatures Mother and Father first encountered in S1.

There's no clear idea of what's happening in terms of plot, but the opening shot of the tease shows a badly injured Mother. Her voice tells us thatAndroids can change. Mother and Father have survived, along with Marcus and the children. He's still got some minion survivors to boss around, and he's still intent on bringing purity to this planet.

Mother's primary purpose is still to keep her children safe and find them a new home, but something seems to be reawakening in her. The end of the preview is ominous. Mother is covered in blood and thinks we are becoming too human. Will she return to her full Necromancer glory? It would be a sight to see.

The second season of Raised by Wolves will premiere on February 3, 2022.

The S1 finale was ruined by the appearance of a flying alien sucker snake. It's rumored to play a major role in S2.

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