The co-founder of a San Francisco pizza chain says he received no applications for an assistant manager, despite raising the salary to $70,000

The Salt Lake City Tribune obtained a flyer that said the rally would be held at Washington Square.

William "Roddie" Bryan, one of the men convicted last month of murdering Ahmaud Arbery, had a campaign terminated by GoFundMe.

The waitress was able to tell the husband when his wife went to the bathroom because she was watching them.

Bomb disposal experts were called to a hospital in Gloucester, England, after a man with a WW II anti-tank shell needed treatment.

The woman claims that Tristian got her pregnant after a fling.

Everyone stops and looks at Elizabeth Hurley when she posts a new picture to her social media accounts. She is always willing to show off for the camera, whether she is promoting her newest bikini, or flashing her dazzling smile. On Dec 2, she posted a video of herself smiling from ear to ear.

Discover how to empower your employees and meet new customer needs with a free guide.

He says customers have gotten more demanding and abusive since the beginning of the Pandemic.

Bruce Arians said that the Buccaneers have done an amazing job.

Legal experts said there was little precedent for criminal charges against the parents of the Michigan teenager who shot and killed four of his high school classmates. The parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, were taken into custody by Detroit police. The parents of a Michigan teen accused of school shooting were charged with manslaughter for buying their son a gun as a Christmas gift.

Do not pay high power bills. It's genius. Power companies are furious with this program.

Chester Doles was sentenced to four years in prison for beating a Black man in Maryland.

Scientists haven't ruled out the possibility that the Omicron variant originated in animals.

Sources told Yahoo Sports that Ewers is expected to choose between Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.

A couple is working on their 1940's home and bumped into a secret.

He thought it was just an ordinary call until he saw his son's background.

A new report states that departing staffers for Vice President Harris are leaving their White House posts in part due to concerns of being forever labeled a "Harris person."

The new edition of Yahoo Entertainment's "Kid Gloves" series features Lin-Manuel Miranda.

See the official rankings for the smartest and least educated US states.

The outbreak at a Christmas party in Norway is the largest outside of South Africa.

The death of a black man in a trailer park in a small town in Missouri has caused a lot of tension.

Omicron happened this week. As the medical world shifts to a yet-to-be-determined degree, a question comes to mind: Who will pay for all this? Who pays for all the fighting to date?

The salaries of the world's most famous TV anchor.

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields told Insider that he can do a full workout with just a band, a weight rack, and some weights. Here's how.

Dr. Fauci thinks that parents will not have to wait much longer for their children to receive a vaccine.

The market is nervous. Cramer says it's time to pounce.