Which Amazon Kindle should you buy: Kindle, Paperwhite, or Oasis?

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There's no shortage of choices if you're looking for an e-reader, with Amazon offering three different models. Amazon has dominated the e-book market thanks to a combination of hardware chops and an outstanding e-book store over the past decade.

The current price for the Kindle lineup is $90 and goes up to $250. These are the best e-readers you can buy today, whether you want to get started with e-readers or upgrade to a more feature-rich model.


The current generation of the $90 Kindle has a lot going for it, but there are a few drawbacks. It doesn't offer as much storage as you'd expect, and the density is not ideal.

You can stream your favorite audiobooks with built-in Bluetooth. The base variant is a decent choice if you're not willing to spend over a hundred dollars on an e-reader, but you get more with the next variant. The entry-level model is available in either black or white.

The e-reader is the starter.

The entry-level Kindle is a good option for those looking to try the e-book lifestyle. With a built-in light and weeks of battery life, you are sure to get bit by the reading bug in no time.


Most people choose the Paperwhite as their default option. It costs more than the base model and comes with a larger display. The Paperwhite has the same 300ppi display as the Oasis, and you can adjust the intensity of the backlight. It has twice the storage as the base model, and can be upgraded to a 32 gigabyte model.

The back of the device has a soft touch plastic coating that makes it comfortable to hold for hours on end. The current edition is almost 20 grams lighter than previous versions. The top of the device has a flush screen. It is now waterproof, and you won't get lint or liquids into it.

The base model of Paperwhite comes in black and white, but you can choose between twilight blue and black versions. The best new addition is the warm light, which is ideal for reading at night. The warm lighting makes a difference. The Paperwhite is the best value if you're looking for the best value.

The e-reader is the default one.

The Paperwhite is the best bang for the buck of any e-reader we've tested, and it sits in the sweet spot of Amazon's lineup.

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The Oasis is the flagship of Amazon. It was the first model in the lineup to offer water resistance. It can be submerged in up to two meters of freshwater for 60 minutes with the IPX8 certification. If you want to read by the pool or in the tub, the Oasis is a great option.

The design of the Oasis makes it look like a different type of device. The design brief for the Oasis was to mimic a book in half, and it excelled at that. The Oasis has a brushed aluminum finish. It isn't as comfortable as the soft-touch plastic, but you have the option of a fabric case.

The screen on the Oasis has the same resolution as the e-reader, but it has a larger panel. The Oasis has 25 LEDs, an ambient light sensor, and an accelerometer that can be used to change the orientation of the screen. The warm lighting that automatically adjusts based on ambient lighting in your room is the differentiator for the Oasis.

The Oasis is available in both champagne gold and graphite colors. The Oasis is the best e-reader on the market today.

The best money for the device can be found.

The All-new Kindle Oasis is a premium experience. We love this version, but we think most would be better off with the Paperwhite.

Buying a Kindle is only part of the story; you should also buy some books to read on the device. Amazon has a lot of reading options, from its regular e-book store to subscription and lending services like the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

One of the best e-book lending services is the Kindle unlimited. You can choose from over 1 million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and popular magazines. If you want to add more books to your collection, you'll have to return a book.

At Amazon, $10/mo.

Amazon's Newsstand is a digital magazine and newspaper subscription option. There is a large selection of subscriptions.

At Amazon, from $5/mo.

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