Target: Save 10% On Target Gift Cards (Dec 4-5, Limit $500)

This deal is live and you can check the comments for some great stacking opportunities.

Target is offering a 10% discount on their own gift cards this weekend. If trying to exceed their stated limits, use caution.

The deal was made.

Save 10% on Target gift cards.
Direct link to coupon.

Key terms.

December 4-5, 2021.
Multiple Target gift card items can be included in a transaction.
Load the coupon.
Target gift cards can be purchased online or in store.

Quick thoughts.

Every holiday season, this deal is a popular one as it is usually a 10% discount on Target gift cards.

I assume you need to load the Target Circle digital coupon to your account in order to get the discount. I am not sure if that is only for online purchases or if you need to have that loaded when buying gift cards in-store.

If you want to buy more than $500 worth of gift cards, be careful. They have canceled gift cards that people bought in excess of $500 and weren't forthcoming with refunds. If you decide to try buying more than $500 worth of Target gift cards, it is best to use different credit cards as using the same credit card seemed to be one way they identified people buying more than $500 of Target gift cards in separate transactions in the past.