Ajaz Patel: New Zealand spinner becomes third bowler in Test history to take 10 wickets in an innings

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Only two other Bowlers in Test history have taken all 10 of the Tests they have taken.

New Zealand's Ajaz Patel became the third bowler in Test history to take all 10 of the India's wickets in a Test as the Black Caps decimated the visitors in the second Test.

The left-arm spinner added six to the four he took on the first day to finish with a match haul of 9-119.

Jim Laker of England, and India's Anil Kumble, picked up 10 in an outing.

There were five catches, three of which were lost.

India and New Zealand are playing.

The Mumbai-born bowler was the second-most prolific bowler in the side with 47.5 overs, and his milestone moment came when India's Mohammed Siraj tried to sweep him.

Kumble sent a message of thanks to Patel on his account.

Laker and Kumble both took 10 pins against Australia and Pakistan, respectively, in the 60s.

Kevin Pietersen was one of the people to congratulate the man.