Authorities Searching For Michigan School Shooting Suspect’s Parents Hours After Manslaughter Charges Filed

The new date is Dec 3, 2021.

The parents of the 15-year-old suspect in the Michigan school shooting were charged with manslaughter, but their attorneys said they would turn themselves in.

James, left, and Jennifer Crumbley are shown during the video of their son's court appearance. The Crumbleys' son is accused of killing four students at a Michigan high school.

The Associated Press.

The sheriff's department said detectives are looking for James and Jennifer Crumbley after they stopped communicating with their lawyer hours before their court appearance.

The Crumbleys have been charged with four counts of manslaughter.

The FBI and the U.S. marshals service are assisting with the search, and if they think they are going to get away, they are not.

Shannon Smith and Mariell Lehman said in a statement to Forbes that the couple is not on the run and will turn themselves in for their own safety.

The couple may be driving a black 2021 Kia Seltos SUV with a Michigan license plate.

Four students were killed and seven others, including one teacher, were injured in a school attack on Tuesday.

Oxford High School is located about 35 miles north of Detroit. Four days before the attack, the father of the shooting victim legally purchased a 9mm Sig Sauer handgun. McDonald said in a press conference that hours before the shooting, Crumbley's parents were called to the school after a teacher found a note on his desk depicting a semiautomatic handgun, with the words, "the thoughts won't stop, help me." His parents left the school without their child, and McDonald said they failed to ask if their son had the gun or where the gun was, and failed to inspect his backpack before leaving the school. McDonald said that a teacher tried to contact his mother after observing her son researching on his cell phone, but she later wrote a message to him saying she was not mad at him.

What to watch for.

If the couple are not in court by 4:30 pm, they will not be charged. If they turn themselves in on Saturday, there could be a court appearance.

The quote is crucial.

McDonald said that he intended to hold the parents of the shooter accountable for the events of November 30. If prosecutors believe someone contributed to a situation where harm or death occurred, they can pursue an instruement of manslaughter. The couple could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

The parents of the Michigan school shooting suspect have been charged with manslaughter.

The suspect in the Michigan school shooting has been charged with terrorism and murder.