5 Things Boba Fett Did After the Sarlaac in Star Wars' EU

The Yuuzhan Vong, the extragalactic alien invaders who played a major role in the post-Jedi story of the old Expanded Universe, are responsible for dropping a moon on Chewbacca. By the time the Vong invaded the Star Wars galaxy, Boba had made his way up to the fabled position of Mandalore. If the Vong hadn't come to him first, he would have offered an alliance in exchange for keeping Mandalore off-limits. The man loves hooding people, so he wanted to play the Vong, gather as much data as possible, and warn the New Republic.

This tactic continued for several years into the Vong war, with Mandalorians acting as mercenaries to assist Vong invasion forces while also being trainers for Republic forces in repelling them. It took the dumb aliens almost the entire conflict to realize that Boba tricked them into attacking Mandalore in the final year of the war, but they were soundly repelled, and Boba's forces helped liberate the galaxy world from their clutches.

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