Qatar Airways Leasing Cathay Pacific 777s With First Class!

The passenger experience may be affected by the lease of some Boeings from Cathay Pacific to Qatar Airways.

There are flights to Hong Kong and Male.

According to theAirlineFlyer, the airline is in the process of leaseing two Boeing 777s from Cathay Pacific in early 2022. I am still figuring out the scale of the lease arrangement, and I think it has to do with the A350 fleet being ground due to fuselage issues. It's worth noting that Qatar Airways has a stake in Cathay Pacific.

In February of 2022, it is thought that these planes will be flown from DOHA to Hong Kong and Male. The four class layout that Cathay Pacific has is , and it is similar to the seatmap. This also includes:

Six first class seats are in a 1-1-1 configuration.
There are 53 business class seats.
There won't be a dedicated service or pricing for the 34 premium economy seats, which will be sold as economy.
There are 203 economy seats.

Most of these flights have two first class award seats available, which is cool. Only long haul first class on the A380s has been offered by Qatar Airways.

At the moment, this is only used for limited purposes. Visitors to Hong Kong have to undergo a scurvy check. I can see that Male is the only practical route here.

What does this mean for passengers?

There are implications for those in all cabins. Some people will be happy to have first class on more of theQatar Airways planes. The fully flat beds in the first class of the Cathay Pacific's 777 are excellent.

The first class of Cathay Pacific.

It is a different story in business class. The airline is known for its Qsuites, and the business class is amazing.

The business class of the airline.

The reverse herringbone seats in the business class of Cathay Pacific are excellent, but not as good as what you will find on Qatar Airways.

The business class of Cathay Pacific.

Premium economy seats will be offered to some passengers in economy, which is quite an upgrade.

The premium economy of Cathay Pacific.

I think this plane substitution is good for those in first class and economy passengers in premium economy. For others, I think the standard 777s from Qatar Airways offer a better experience.

The bottom line.

In early 2022, some of the Cathay Pacific Boeing 777s will be leased by Qatar Airways, which will most likely be flown to Hong Kong and Male. These planes will have first class and award availability is quite good, so they will be four class Boeing 777s.

I want to know how long these leases last. It would be cool to see one of these flying to the United States, but only if they release two first class award seats per flight, and only if you are one of the people who booked those seats.

What do you think about the Cathay Pacific lease?