Yorkshire racism scandal: Martyn Moxon and Andrew Gale among 16 staff to leave

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The director of cricket, head coach, and all members of the coaching staff have left Yorkshire due to the racism scandal.

Azeem Rafiq was a victim of racial harassment at Yorkshire.

Moxon had been Yorkshire's director of cricket.

The former captain was suspended as part of the investigation.

"We are committed to taking whatever action is necessary to regain trust at the Yorkshire County Cricket Club and we will do everything in our power to do so," said Lord Patel, the club's new chair.

The decisions announced today are in the best interests of the club.

We cannot move on from the past without making changes to how we are run.

Moxon was due to appear before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee on 16 November but was absent from work because of a stress-related illness.

Rafiq said that racist language was used a lot during his time at Yorkshire.

Rafiq said at the hearing that Moxon ripped shreds off him when he addressed anyone else at the club after his son was stillborn.

Yorkshire said no-one would be disciplined despite the report finding Rafiq was a victim of racial harassment.

The former chairman of Yorkshire said that Moxon and former chief executive Mark Arthur failed to accept the gravity of the situation. Arthur resigned last month.

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