38 House Democrats Push To Take Away Boebert’s Committee Assignments Over ‘Dangerous’ Omar Comments

More than three dozen progressive House Democrats want Rep. Lauren Boebert to lose her committee assignments.

The Conservative Political Action... [+] Conference was held in Florida on February 27.

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The 38 House Democrats signed a statement saying that Boebert has weaponized anti-Muslim bigotry.

The statement argued action was needed because House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had chosen to allow and embolden continued hostility from his members.

Boebert is a member of the House Natural Resources and Budget committees.

The office of Boebert did not respond to the request for comment.

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The statement said that the response to behavior that creates a dangerous work environment and furthers a climate of toxicity and intolerance cannot be silence.

The key background.

The conflict between Boebert and Omar began last week, after a video emerged on social media of Boebert joking with a Capitol Police officer about her previous ride in an elevator with a member of the Jihad squad. She said the elevator encounter never took place. Boebert apologized to the Muslim community last week and offered to speak with him privately, but tensions flared up this week when Boebert said that Omar hung up during their phone conversation. Boebert claimed she rejected the demand for a public apology, instead asking Omar to apologize for her anti-Semitic, anti- police rhetoric.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and several other Democratic leaders called Boebert's comments "deeply offensive and concerning" in a statement last week, but it's unclear whether they support removing Boebert from House committees. A resolution to censure Boebert would need the support of a simple majority of the Democrats in the House. Forbes reached out to Pelosi's office.

There is a structure called the Tangent.

Two House Republicans have lost their committee assignments due to their comments. The House voted to take away Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's committee spots in February for backing conspiracy theories, and the body removed Rep. Paul Gosar from committees last month for posting a video of himself killing Rep. Democrats drove both censure resolutions, with 11 Republicans voting to take Greene off committees and two Republicans voting to remove Gosar.

The GOP's Boebert was in a dispute over anti-Muslim comments.