NASA Scientists: SpaceX Starship “Revolutionary” for Exploring Solar System

NASA scientists are starting to get fired up about the idea of a massive spaceship like the one being built by the company, according to Eric Berger of Ars Technica.

NASA research scientist Jen Heldmann told Berger that they can take advantage of the Starship architecture to get to the outer Solar System. It could be a new way of exploring these worlds.

We could send the first humans to Mars or other planets and moons with the help of the scale of Starship.

Heldmann told Berger that spaceship can bring unprecedented amounts of cargo to Mars. Planetary scientists need to think about how they can use this capability.

Heldmann was one of a number of NASA scientists and space experts who published a paper in May titled "Accelerating Martian and Lunar Science through SpaceX Starship Missions."

The paper looks at how Starship could help boost space exploration.

The paradigm for NASA science, technology development and testing, and human exploration of space has been changed by the SpaceX Starship system.

The attention of those who worked on the Apollo missions has been captured by the return of astronauts to the Moon.

James Head, who worked with NASA to figure out where to land on the Moon in the 1960s, told Ars that being on the floor of the SpaceX factory is the closest he has felt to being in the Apollo program.

It's still difficult to get the Starship off the ground and into space. The first flight tests could happen early in the future. The first trip to the Moon could happen as soon as 2024 if the company can make early successes.

With the first human landing on the Moon since 1972 under its belt, scientists are almost giddy at the prospect of establishing a lunar outpost.

An unnamed NASA source told Berger that the space agency would be happy to have a helicopter like the one pictured.

Planetary scientists are starting to get stirred up by the potential of Starship.

There is a video that appears to show the interior of the spaceship.

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