HUGE: Frontier Airlines Will Status Match Almost All Airline OR Hotel Elite Members

Are you an elite member of an airline or a hotel chain? You could have this if you have a credit card. If you are an elite level, Frontier Airlines will give you top tier in their program.

Frontier has a lot of add-on fees. All fees are waived by Frontier's top level. They are willing to match against a lot more programs this time, but their incredible 2020 offer is back.

Extra legroom seats and a free carry on bag are some of the benefits of base-level status. Bonus miles are added to mid-tier status. All tickets are refundable for everyone on the member's booking if they are checked bags.

They will match against 15 different airlines and hotel programs. The status match is good for elite status. It is good for top tier status. If you have a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass, you can get a 100K status.

There are a number of things to know.

The offer ends on December 31, 2021.
The matched status lasts through December 31, 2022.
It costs $49 to apply. This is a fee-based airline. They are giving you status, you may never use it, and they are outsourcing the processing of the match request so there are costs.
If you did the 2020 status match offer, you're not eligible to do it again, but you may be contacted with an offer.

If you aren't already a member, you have to enroll in the Early Returns program. Within 72 hours, requests are processed.

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If you like the status you match to at Frontier, it is easy to keep their credit card because you earn 1 mile per dollar spent. You can earn 100,000 mile top tier status and make all tickets refundable with credit card spend alone. It isn't as aspirational to redeem my miles on Frontier.

Several airlines are offering to match elite members of their frequent flyer program with status. Finnair and Iberia are oneworld members. This program is being worked on by Iberia to lure elites from Lufthansa. Royal Jordanian and LAN offer...

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Frontier Airlines is giving elite status to customers with existing status with another airline. They are matching up to their top tier of status through the end of 2021. Frontier is a low fare, fee based airline.

November 17, 2020.


I wrote a couple of weeks ago that the Panama-based airline that used to use United's MileagePlus as its frequent flyer program is now offering status matches. It's also good for access to United Clubs when flying domestically, when you're matched to their Platinum...

September 22, 2015.