HiPP is one of the oldest and most prominent baby formula brands in Europe. But when you look at the extended line of the brand’s products, you might get confused. Which baby milk to choose? And what’s the difference between all those versions? Let’s figure it out.

German, UK, and Dutch versions

As a company, HiPP is headquartered in Germany but also produces infant foods for British and Dutch markets. Why doesn’t the manufacturer just provide its German products for all countries? The reason is simple: markets outside Germany might have different requirements for baby foods. The difference between the formulas produced for Germany, the UK, and Holland is minor. Later stages of German products such as HiPP Stage 3 contain starch while British and Dutch milks don’t. At the same time, products made for Netherlands and Germany contain probiotics while the British version doesn’t. 

HiPP specialized formulas

One of the things that distinguish this brand from others is its line of specialized products. If your baby is prone to allergies or has a sensitive GIT, this is the manufacturer to choose. The line of specialized products includes hypoallergenic milks (HA), Anti-reflux formulas (AR), and Comfort foods.

HA milks contain extensively hydrolyzed proteins. This helps a great deal in case your baby shows the symptoms of cow’s milk protein intolerance. AR products are easy to digest and reduce the chance of spit-ups. Comfort milks are very gentle to your little one’s tummy.

HiPP HA Pre formulas are great for preemies whose bodies are extremely vulnerable to all kinds of irritants. They reduce the chance of allergy development while being very nutritious.


Always remember, breast milk is the best choice. When you are faced with an extended choice of products and not sure which one to pick, always base your decisions on your doctor’s recommendations.