Nothing’s debut earbuds now come in black

The image is called Nothing1blackeditionclosedcase.

The Ear 1 earbuds are black.


Nothing's Ear 1 earbuds, which were launched earlier this year in a fetching white and transparent plastic color scheme, will soon come in black. The new Nothing Ear 1 black edition has black plastic in its construction, but it still has transparent plastic in it. The new color scheme will be available at the same price as the original white version.

The earbuds are functionally the same as what Nothing released earlier this year. If you turn on the noise canceling feature, the battery life from the earbuds drops to four hours. You can get a maximum of 34 hours with the case. The earbuds are water resistant and can be charged using a wireless device.

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A close-up of earbuds.


The company is styling the new color as a limited edition but hopes it will become a permanent addition to its range.

It has worked with a third-party certification company to help assess and offset its carbon footprint, and it has not claimed that its Ear 1 earbuds are now carbon neutral. The company is also accepting payment in cryptocurrencies, which are more energy efficient than traditional payment networks. The same amount of electricity is used by the Bitcoin network alone in Washington state, and anywhere from 25 to 60 percent comes from nonrenewable sources.

The apparent contradiction was pointed out to me by Nothing when I asked about it.

Nothing's "carbon neutral" earbuds will be accepted for purchases in select countries, including the US.