Colorado Newspaper Apologizes For The Embarrassment That Is Boebert With Stinging Op-Ed

The Colorado Republican refused to publicly apologize for suggesting that she was a terrorist, according to the Minnesota Democrat. The new statement claimed that Boebert "doubled down on her harmful comments" which led to the end of the call. In a video posted to social media last week, Boebert referred to the woman as a member of the Jihad squad and claimed that a Capitol Police officer thought she was a terrorist.

Boebert made Islamophobic comments about Omar after being videotaped.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said he asked Trump to help him win the state during a January call.

The CEO of the Christian Daystar Television Network who opposed Covid-19 vaccines has died.

Donald Trump arrives at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland with Mark Meadows, on 2 October 2020, according to Mark Meadows' new memoir obtained by Guardian. Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 three days before his first debate against Joe Biden, according to a new book. Mark wrote that he knew each candida.

The weapon that Rittenhouse used to kill two men and hurt another is being destroyed, he said in a podcast.

GOP leaders were told that condemning this should not be a partisan issue. This is about our basic humanity.

A video shows students saying "we're not taking that risk right now" after someone tells them it's safe to go outside.

Cuomo has said that the term "Fredo" is similar to the n-word.

The debt ceiling was urged to be used as a political weapon by the former president. That could cause a debt default.

I have never regretted anything I have ever done. "I'm proud of my life," the star said. Everything I have done has led me to where I am today.

The two spoke by phone Monday, a few days after Boebert made anti-Muslim comments. Boebert sought the conversation after issuing a statement that was not very positive. Boebert rejected the request for a public apology from the Minnesota Democrat after a mob of Donald Trump supporters invaded the Capitol.

Josephine Baker is the first black woman to be laid to rest at France's Pantheon. The monument in Paris is dedicated to some of the most important figures in French history, including the writers Victor Hugo and Emile Zola, and resistance hero Jean Moulin.

The House is grappling with another fight between a far-right Republican and a member of the progressive "squad."

The sheriff's office says a FedEx driver threw packages into a ravine at least six times. More than 400 packages were found.

More than 775,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and 48 million have had the virus, according to the New York Times. Many others have had Covid but weren't tested or were notsymptomatic and didn't realize they had it. It's not possible to know if you've been exposed without seeing a doctor or being tested. According to medical experts, covid affects everyone differently. Here are the things Health spoke with.

The camp was entered by armed officers and workers in protective suits pulled down tents and plastic shelters. The number of migrants crossing the Channel has increased by more than a thousand in the last three years, according to the Home Office data. The Grande-Synthe site has been the site of evictions for the past few weeks, according to a charity worker.

A growing number of Indians are giving up their passports, which is contrary to what prime minister Narendra Modi set out to achieve. Nityananda Rai, the country's junior home minister, told parliament that more than 600,000 people had changed their citizenship in the last two years. India does not offer dual citizenship yet, and people seeking citizenship in other countries must give up their Indian passport.

The Republican won't apologize for joking that the person had a backpack full of explosives.

The former president's anti-refugee comments came after Rep. Lauren Boebert apologized for her Islamophobic comments.