Trump says Chris Cuomo's suspension from CNN is 'great news for television viewers' and calls him 'Fredo' again

Bennett said that firing Chris Cuomo would reflect a network lacking morals and a backbone.

Chris Cuomo was suspended by CNN on Tuesday after it was revealed that he helped his brother, Andrew Cuomo, who was accused of sexual harassment. CNN said documents released by New York's attorney general indicated Cuomo took a greater level of involvement in his brother's efforts. According to emails and a transcript of his testimony, the CNN anchor pressed sources for information on his brother's accusers and was active in helping craft their response to the charges.

The White House responded to concerns raised by a Moderna executive who said that the current vaccines won't be enough to counter the new omicron variant of coronaviruses.

GOP leaders were told that condemning this should not be a partisan issue. This is about our basic humanity.

The late designer's friend and former colleague, KimKardashian, and her husband, West, came together to celebrate the creative genius of their friend.

The talk is on NBC Sports.

Robert Griffin III is going to write a book about his experiences with the Washington Football Team. The book is described as an "explosive tell-all" about "the shocking mismanagement" of Washington.

The FTC wants Walmart, Amazon, and Kroger to turn over information to help investigate causes of empty shelves and high prices.

The Federal Reserve will no longer use the term "transitory" to describe the fast pace of price increases, as it acknowledges the increasing risk of more persistent inflation.

If China attacked Taiwan, the United States and Japan would not stand by, said former Japanese Prime Minister Abe. President Xi wants to assert his country's sovereignty over Taiwan, which is a democracy. Taiwan wants peace, but will defend itself if necessary.

A patient has been fitted with a highly realistic 3D printed eye.

Insider asked Republicans what they would do if they were given the majority in Congress.

A recent policy change affects older passengers.

Moderna's head said that the vaccine against the Omicron variant of the coronaviruses is unlikely to be as effective as before. Fear of the new variant has caused delays to some economic reopening plans and the reimposition of some travel and movement restrictions.

Nancy Mace said that she used the term "Republic of Taiwan" in a recent message to show her support for the Taiwanese people. The other U.S. representatives in attendance were Democrats Mark Takano and Colin Allred.

Omicron, the U.S. companies, are considering whether to rethink their return-to-office policies as the world waits for scientific data to predict risks of COVID-19.

A lead investigator testified Tuesday that the ex-”Empire” actor orchestrated the hoax by telling them via text message to meet him on the low, paying for supplies and holding a dry run in downtown Chicago. As prosecutors began their case against the actor, Michael Theis, a former police detective, took the stand and said he initially thought the actor was a victim of a racist and homophobic attack. Theis, who is now an assistant director for research and development for the Chicago Police Department, said that roughly two dozen detectives spent over 3000 hours on a hate crime in January.

Many of the cars are mainstream, affordable and have good crash ratings. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, vehicle accidents are up so please drive safely, no matter what you drive.

Pelosi and Schumer both took shots at Trump over gas prices, as they neared the $3 mark.

Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew were mentioned in the second day of the trial as Ghislaine Maxwell was being tried. The names were not a surprise to anyone following the Jeffrey Epstein case over the past few years.

Texts show that CNN's Chris Cuomo passed intel to Andrew Cuomo's aides.