WHO slams countries for putting travel bans on southern Africa, saying it 'attacks global solidarity'

The World Health Organization criticized countries for banning travel to southern Africa over the Omicron variant of the coronaviruses.

The WHO Regional Director for Africa said in a Sunday statement that travel bans that target Africa attacks global solidarity. COVID-19 exploits our divisions.

If we work together for solutions, we will get the better of the virus.

Omicron was labeled a coronaviruses "variant of concern" by the WHO. Scientists don't know what risks it poses to both vaccine and unvaccinated people.

The variant was first found in South Africa and Botswana, and has since been found in other countries.

Travel bans have been put in place in southern Africa.

South Africa felt that it was being punished for warning the world rather than being praised.

South Africa's foreign ministry said on Saturday that science should be applauded and not punished.

This latest round of travel bans is similar to punishing South Africa for its advancedgenomics and the ability to detect new variant quicker.

The New York Times reported that Thierno Balde, the incident manager of the WHO's regional office in Africa's COVID-19 emergency response, said travel bans will discourage different countries from sharing information which might be very important for global public health.