NASA spacecraft at the moon snaps photo of Saturn from lunar orbit

A magnified view of the moon's image of the planet. The image is from NASA/GSFC and Arizona State University.

Even though a spaceship is sent to study the moon, it can still do some extra skywatching.

Since 2009, the LRO has been circling the moon. The new image NASA shared on Monday shows a different destination than the one that was previously seen.
The image was taken using the LROC. According to a NASA statement, the Lake of Spring was above the lunar feature called Lacus Veris at the time.

The best images of Saturn were captured by the spacecraft.

The image shows the northern side of the planet, which has more rings than the southern. The summer ended in the northern hemisphere in March.

Each season is more than seven Earth years long because the world's year lasts for 29 Earth years.

The picture of the rings of the moon was taken by NASA's lunar rior. The image is from NASA/GSFC and Arizona State University.

NASA had to manipulate the LROC's craft to catch the amazing image of the planet.

LRO couldn't duplicate the success of Jupiter in spotting some of the giant's largest moons. According to NASA, the moon that LROC is tailored to study is dimmer than the dimmer moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

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