Democrats can't win elections and can't govern, so stop supporting them and send your money somewhere that will actually help

The Democrats and President Biden are unpopular.

Americans are still supporting Democrats who are capitulating to conservatives.

Democrats will change when they realize their base won't support them.

Giving up on the mainstream Democrats will free up money for more effective political work.

P.E. Moskowitz is an author, runs the capitalism and psychology newsletter Mental Hellth, and is a contributing opinion writer for Insider.

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The Democrats are disorganized. The moderate and conservative wings of the party have waffled in their support for major bills, the progressives feel unheard, the base is dissatisfied, and the Republicans are encroaching.

The Democrats lost many down-ballot races in the most recent elections, and analysts say that this is a sign of bad things to come in the upcoming election.

The party's messaging is all over the place and people are dissatisfied with it. They promise semi-progressive policies and then don't deliver. If the Democrats had been able to pass the most progressive parts of the legislation, they would have been popular and winning elections, and a majority of voters would support the substance of the bill, like universal Pre-K, tuition-free community college. The most progressive policies in the Senate will likely be trimmed down or cut completely because of the infighting between the conservative and progressive wings of the party.

Joe Biden's approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low.

Pundits in the mainstream news and most political analysts give the same advice: The Democrats must become more conservative, abandon their progressive policies, and court swing voters who care about overhyped culture war issues.

Democrats have won some elections by capitulating to the right and center. It's not an effective strategy to rely on these voters. Moderates who have supported Democrats in the past are quick to turn their backs on them now that Hillary Clinton has lost.

If the Democrats don't pass significant policies and keep moving to the right on social issues, voters who care about progressive issues will give up. Those who keep voting for Democrats no matter what will allow the party to push the country further and further into conservatism.

If Americans stop spending their time, money, and energy on Democrats now, it will force the party to listen to their progressive base, and it will free up vast resources for politics that matter.

Think of it as a boycott.

The Virginia gubernatorial race was the most expensive in recent state history. Hard-working Americans gave their money to a losing campaign that was more focused on winning over conservatives than on giving anything to the people who donated to the campaign.

The 2020 elections cost more than double the cost of the 2016 presidential election. The Democrats must fight for progressive politics or they will be left in the dust.

Holding the line and not allowing Democrats to capitulate to the right is a political strategy. Progressives have allowed Democrats to cut down important legislation and think that courting moderate and conservative voters is more effective than courting a progressive base, even though that strategy is more effective than Biden's current capitulation to conservatives like Man.

The media often chastises young people, people of color, and other more progressive voting blocs for not showing up at the polls, but only by withholding our support. We have to make failing Democrats come to us.

We are already building back better.

Pulling support from Democrats allows Americans to focus on politics that are already successful, in addition to holding Democrats' feet to the fire. The recent Democratic losses were an excuse for the mainstream media to ignore progressive and left-wing politics, while in reality progressive policies are more popular than they have been.

Progressives and socialists won important seats at the table in local elections, like the election of the mayor of Boston. The Democratic Socialists of America supported candidates who won elections.

A wave of non-electoral radicalism is sweeping the country, with tens of thousands of workers going on strike to demand higher wages and better benefits. It's an unofficial general strike and can be viewed as a progressive win. Americans have decided they would rather not work than work for low pay. Americans are more supportive of progressive policies and unions than they've been in 50 years.

There is a swelling progressive movement in this country. The average Democrat has to completely rethink their priorities if they want to continue this movement, as they have to commit billions of dollars to failing electoral campaigns instead of strike funds and local labor organizations. How many more local candidates who have a chance of winning elections if Democrats' attention spans are not filled with effective national politics?

The Democrats are operating according to the sunk cost fallacy, which is like a gambler who thinks he will get out of debt. The only other option is to leave the casino.

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