The 18 Best Pet Gear and Accessory Deals

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You can get a discount for six or 12 months when you join. Your dog gets toys, treats, and chews. It's nice to find good, affordable dog toys that have cute designs, but you probably won't go through all the treats the company sends. The company donates 10 percent of profits to shelters.

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If you have a cat, each month you'll receive a bunch of toys and treats that are related to the BarkBox themes. The company gives food to a shelter for every box sold. On its website, you can see where it is.

There are litter deals.

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Shouldn't your cat have a sleek litter box so they can do their business in peace? Tuft & Paw's products look good in your house, but they're expensive and rarely go on sale. The Cove Litter Box is too heavy for cats to knock it around, and it has a scoop, dustpan, and brush that fit into their own slots on the box. Adding the Shelter piece will give your pet an extra layer of privacy and will keep litter from flying around.

We saw this go down to $13 in June, but now there are more options. You have to sign up for the newsletter to get access to the $20 sale price for the clay litter, but it also includes a scoop and dome box cover. The litter subscription boxes are made of recycled cardboard and will be recycled when you're done. If you change the box every month, it shouldn't leak or fall apart. It's a good subscription to try, but we think you should get your cat a permanent box eventually.

There are pet camera deals.


Furbo, Amazon.

The price of the Furbo Dog Camera fluctuates, and is not uncommon. It's still one of our favorites. A bark alert will send notifications to your phone and you can throw treats at your pets. When your dog looks into it, it takes pictures.

The camera's price is going up and down, but it's still $180 where you'll find it most often. It's another one of our favorites, designed with cats in mind, and has a built-in laser you can control from the app. You can check in with two way communication, have a remote play session, or ask the speaker to control the laser if you can't.

Amazon and Eufy.

The camera is similar to the Furbo in that it flings treats. I have been testing it with my cats, despite it being marketed towards dogs. The Furbo has a camera that rotates 270 degrees to give you a better view of a room. When you click on the notifications, it takes you to a live view, instead of the main page of the app.

There are more pet tech deals.


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The older Fi collar we tried was great. If your dog gets lost, it uses your home's wi-fi, cellular, and gps networks to find them, and track their fitness. The brand says the battery should last three months, and there is a light on the collar. WIRED senior associate editor Adrienne So received a notification that her dog had escaped. She turned around to see that she had followed her to her neighbor's house.

If you think dogs will like one of the fountains, you can use it for cats. We tried both of them and think you'll be happy with either one. You will need to keep it clean and replace it once a month. The Vesper seat is 25 percent off on the Catit site.

There are cleaning and grooming deals.

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Walmart, Amazon.

A pet means fur everywhere. A robot vacuum can keep that at bay without you having to lift it. This is our favorite for pets, as it's designed for them. It uses two cameras in front of it to identify and avoid obstacles, but most importantly, animal poop. My cats will sometimes get a piece of their droppings stuck to their hair and run around the house until it flies off. I don't want to look up to see a mess on my floor if that happens when I'm not paying attention.

This robot vacuum is our favorite of all the bot vacs we tried. It doesn't have poop detection, but it can empty its own bin.
Pets have accidents. Occasionally they will puke, go to the bathroom, or knock your dinner out of your hands. That's where a spot cleaner like this one comes in handy, you've probably seen it all over your TikTok For You Page. It's not a miracle product and probably won't remove old stains, but if you get to it quickly, it does the job.

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This reached $116 this Cyber Week, so we're hoping to see it go down again. If it does, this grooming kit has a vacuum-like tool that you can use to run over your pet to remove hair that gets over everything. It's possible to vacuum your couch.

There are more deals.

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If you sign up for autoship at Chewy, you can get a slight discount, because shipping is quick, prices are usually low, and you can shop for my pets there. Right now the company is offering buy two, get one free across all animal products, and even products for pet parents. The brand caters to both cats and dogs, but there are also supplies for small pets like hamsters, chickens, and horses.

Catit's site is almost all marked down, including the Vesper Box that my cats love. There are three seats for them to choose from, one of which should reach most windows. There are larger trees in the Vesper line.

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This is one of our favorite pet carriers. It can be used as a car seat, a bed, and a leash. The side pocket for storing treats complies with the size requirements of most major airlines. We like the Pet Tote for $119, which is $30 off, for taking our dogs on the New York City subway, where they're required to be in a bag.

Do you want to browse the early Black Friday sales yourself? There are a few places that offer deals. We have many buying guides and gift guides for additional ideas.

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