Ilhan Omar Urges House Leaders To ‘Take Appropriate Action’ After Boebert Apologizes For Anti-Muslim Remark

Nov 26, 2021, 04:30pm

On Friday, Lauren Boebert apologized for making anti-Muslim remarks, but she says House leadership should take action.

The Conservative Political Action... [+] Conference was held in February of 2021.

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Boebert told her supporters that the Capitol Police officer who rushed toward the elevator with her didn't have a backpack, so she should be fine.

The video drew condemnation, as well as the fact that this buffoon looks down when she sees me at the Capitol.

On Friday, Boebert apologized to anyone in the Muslim community that she offended, and she said she would like to speak with Rep.

In a post about an hour later, she urged Pelosi and McCarthy to take appropriate action after Boebert apologized.

Forbes reached out to Pelosi, Boebert, and McCarthy.

Boebert apologized, saying there are plenty of policy differences to focus on.

It's no laughing matter that I am a suicide bomber. There is no place for anti-Muslim bigotry in Congress.

The key background.

Boebert entered the House of Representatives earlier this year. In a speech last week, the lawmaker referred to the House members as the Jihad squad, and in a video last Thursday, she referred to the House members as the Jihad squad. She promised to carry her gun to work several days before her swearing-in, and she criticized Pelosi's decision to place metal detectors outside the House floor several days after rioters overtook the Capitol.

Two House Republicans were censured this year. The House censured and stripped Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments for supporting a range of bizarre conspiracy theories.