NVIDIA Shield TV is our favorite Android TV box, and it's at a great price for Black Friday

You can save money on one of the best streaming devices this Black Friday. The lowest price ever for the Shield TV is $129 at many retailers. This is one of the best Black Friday smart home deals we've seen, and it's even better considering how great the Shield TV is.

Despite being two years old, the Shield TV is still the best TV box on the market. The Tegra X1+ processor from NVIDIA provides support for 4K and surround sound. You will enjoy other features, such as 4K AI Upscaling, to ensure that older TV shows and movies that haven't been re-mastered look great.

The Shield TV is arguably the best TV box on the market, and now it can be had at its lowest price. You will want to take advantage of this deal before it ends.

The Shield TV is powered by the internet and allows you to cast 4K content from your various devices. You'll be able to download most of the apps for your favorite streaming services from the Play Store.

The included remote gave you normal media controls and a dedicated button for streaming services. You can use the Shield TV to perform any task that you would use something like the Nest Hub or other smart home accessories for, because the remote is powered by the Google Assistant.

If you have a lot of local content, you can put it on a microSD card and then put it into the Shield TV. You will be able to watch anything you want without worrying about whether your favorite show has been removed from either of the two streaming services.

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