Using molecules and atoms to conduct the double-slit experiment

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The symmetry of the scattering trajectory for the + and alignment is suggested by the homonuclear nature of D2. The top panel has a mirror in it. Relating to scattering from + at (, ) is equivalent to scattering from at (, –). Credit is given to the science.abl4143

The double-slit experiment can be conducted at the molecule level thanks to a team of researchers at the university. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes their technique and suggests that it could be used to assist with other molecular experiments.

The double-slit experiment was conducted by Thomas Young. He used it to prove that light behaves as a wave. The double-slit experiment has been conducted in various ways since that time, and light has been found to behave as a particle. The behavior of electrons and atoms is the same as that of molecules. The researchers have taken the experiment to a new level by using only molecule, single atoms and lasers. In the original experiment, the light passed through both slits. There is only one slit in this new method.

The team created a beam of deuterium and helium in a chamber and then used lasers to push them into a certain state. The experiment used these as the slit. The team forced other deuterium molecules into a state where they were suppositions of the orientations of the slit. The deuterium could feel both of them at the same time, because the atoms scattered off the superposed molecule interfered with one another. The deuterium atoms were released back to their original state when the atoms of the molecule collided with them.

The double-slit experiment is conducted in a new way and the groundwork for studying quantum behavior in a new way was laid by the researchers. They suggest that their techniques could be adapted for studying decoherence.

Haowen Zhou and her colleagues wrote about quantum mechanical double slit formolecular scattering. There is a science.abl.4143

Science journal information.

The Science X Network will be launched in 2021.

The double-slit experiment was conducted using atoms and molecules.

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