Apple’s AR headset coming next year with ‘Mac-level’ power: report

The image is by Alex Castro.

According to a research note from analyst Ming-chi Kuo, Apple will release its first augmented reality headset in the fourth quarter of 2022. The headset would be released sometime next year, and is now providing more technical information on the device.

The headset will have two chips, one with the same level of computing power as M1 and one that handles input from the various sensors. The headset has at least 8 optical modules to provide continuous video see-through augmented reality services. The headset is said to have two Sony displays.


The review of the second iteration of the headset, called "Oculus Quest 2."

The headset has a wide range of applications and is able to be operated without tethers, which will differentiate it from competitors. Various reports on the device have differing opinions on whether it will be independent or reliant on an Apple device to stream content.

The growth of the product will not be compatible if the headset is only an accessory for the Mac or iPhone. The most complete and flexible user experience will be provided by an independently functioning augmented reality headset.