Dallas Cowboys frustrated by amount of penalties in OT loss to Las Vegas Raiders


The Raiders' winning FG in OT was set up by the 4th PI penalty of the game.

Daniel Carlson kicked a field goal in overtime after Anthony Brown was whistled for pass interference. (0:22)

11:30 PM.

Jerry Jones made it clear that he did not blame the officials for the Cowboys' overtime loss to the Raiders.

He made it clear that he wasn't happy that they affected the game.

The Cowboys and Raiders were both fined 14 times. The Cowboys were given 166 yards off those penalties. The Cowboys and Raiders had a fight in the third quarter after a punt.

The Cowboys were called for pass interference on Anthony Brown, who did not turn around for the deep pass thrown by Carr on third-and-18 from the Las Vegas 43 that set up the game-winning field goal attempt.

"This will be the most watched game other than the Super Bowl, and I hated that it got down to just throwing the ball up and getting your penalties to get your big plays," Jones said. I think we were into that. I'm so proud of our team for the way they fought back and played, but it's frustrating for all of our fans to have a game like that. They got calls, so it's a little off balance to play the game.

It was not surprising.

Jones met with Mike McCarthy before the game and said there was an expectation that it would be a high-penalty game. Shawn Hochuli's crew threw the fifth-most flags and had the third-most penalty yards on the season.

McCarthy said he didn't know what to say about the penalties. I'm all for writing whatever you want.

The Cowboys have had the highestpenalized teams in the league. They moved to the top of the league after Thursday's game. The Raiders had 89 for 785 yards.

McCarthy said it was frustrating. The game was very boring from start to finish. Our guys are continuing to focus and battle. The numbers are ridiculous. We anticipated that this game would be officiated this way because of the trends and patterns in the game.

It's the line that you straddle. I don't want our guys to slow down. We tried that a few weeks back and it didn't help us overcoaching the penalties. We're going to keep fighting and get up on the balls of our feet. We have to focus on our basics and finish plays. We will take a hard look at it. The penalties are evaluated every week. As we get ready for the Saints, we will break them down and emphasize them.

The penalties accounted for 91 yards. He is the third player to have been flagged four times for defensive pass interference in a single game, joining Xavien Howard and Trayvon Mullen.

Brown said it was one of them days, but after one break up in the second quarter he looked for a flag from the officials.

Brown said that as a defensive back, you have to have a short memory. We're in it until the end. The last penalty was crucial. We have to keep fighting. We can't control when the ref throws or doesn't throw flags. We can't argue with them because it won't change anything.

When it appeared that Carr fell into him, he was called for a roughing-the-passer penalty.

"I think we should be playing football, not playing tag," said the linebacker.

In the first half, the Cowboys had a chance to recover a fumbled ball, but it was overturned after Jayron Kearse appeared to poke the ball free from the tight end. McCarthy couldn't challenge the decision that the pass was incomplete.

Kearse was on the sideline with his helmet off. I can't control what they do. I can't control it. We're going to keep playing football. To each of them. Everybody that watches the film can see what happened. I have not seen the play. I think he was running with the ball, personally. It's the officials that we got tonight. We have to live with it.