A ‘minor accident’ on a Florida road escalated. Now a pregnant librarian is dead, cops say

A Hawaii man is taking legal action after spending more than two years in a mental health facility against his will and being forced to take mind- altering medication. According to a lawsuit filed on Sunday, Joshua Spriestersbach was arrested and committed to the Hawai'i State Hospital after being mistaken for a criminal named Thomas Castleberry. Spriestersbach was sleeping on a sidewalk outside of a homeless shelter.

The 4-year-old's death is being investigated as a homicide.

A beauty consultant based in Houston, Texas was arrested last week for illegally injecting silicone into a woman.

The woman was arrested during a traffic stop when police realized she had a warrant out for her arrest.

A New York state man who pleaded guilty to raping several teen girls when he was also a teenager won't be spending any time in jail.

The mother of a Texas high school student seen in a now-viral video hitting and yelling at a Black teacher is blaming her child's condition.

The cause of death has not been determined, as the sheriff called it a complex and ongoing investigation.

A man is facing an attempted murder charge after his child was brought to a hospital with critical injuries.

The rider lost control on the curve and was thrown into the canal.

When she abandoned her dog, her family knew something terrible had happened to her. The nursing student and waitress disappeared from her house in South Carolina in 2004. In the docuseries "Black and Missing," Rebekah Howard says that the disappearance of her niece, Huston, received little attention in a media cycle dominated by stories about "Runaway" and "Nataliae Holloway."

His mother told The Star to call someone and turn yourself in. Give justice to my baby. He deserves that. We deserve that. His babies deserve that.

Christopher Collins called Texas police from a gym and asked them to conduct a welfare check. The husband claimed that he couldn't reach his wife because she had sent him a text about an invader. Collins met Harris.

Srikesh Kumar was declared dead after a traffic accident and placed in a mortuary, but his family saw him moving after six hours.

A foster parent placed a boy with them. After living with her for six months, he was placed in a coma because of a brain injury.

The judge in the Ahmaud Arbery case asked that there be no yelling in the courtroom. The defendants were found guilty of murder.

Some parents are angry.

If you saw a suspicious white man following a white woman in a bright yellow jacket in the area of Sanborn and Appomattox around 5 pm Monday, please contact the Port Huron Police Department.

The first woman shot in the parking lot was angry that she couldn't play anymore.

The Daily Beast reported on Tuesday that seven doctors who attended a COVID anti-vaccination summit in Florida have contracted COVID-19.

The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

She is also trying to get custody of her husband's children.