Australian Retail Sales Surge as Economy’s Recovery Builds


Markets are worried over a new virus strain.

Asian stocks set for mixed openamid dollar marketswrap

The fastest Tokyo inflation is due to soaring fuel prices.

Fuel prices push tokyo inflation to the fastest-pace in 16 months.

China traders are increasing their leverage to stay on sideli...

China traders are increasing their leverage in order to stay on sidelines.

Inflation expectations will be a key factor in the rate hike.

The inflation expectations will be key to the rate-hike pace.

The newest board member of the Bank of Japan sees inflation in Japan increasing.

Boj's is the newest board member and he sees the inflation creeping up.

Markets hold gains amid low volumes.

Asia stocks set for mixed openamid jump in dollar marketswrap

The Banxico Pick has economists looking for inflation clues.

The pick has economists searching for inflation-clues.

KKR got Italian PM Mario Draghi on its board.

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$50 billion of bonds are on a junk bond.

Credit cracks wide as Europebraces for return of fallen angels.

Firm limits on risky loans are being considered by the ECB.

Firm limits on riskiest-leveraged-loans are said to be a topic of discussion.


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