Ghana’s plan to build sky trains in Accra for $2.6 billion isn’t happening after all

You can advance by tapping the card.

By the digits.

The world has more than 10 million megacities as of the year.

The proportion of the global population living in megacities was 12%.
Megacities are expected to be by 2035.

The proportion of the global population expected to be living in megacities in the next two decades is expected to be 16%.

The divide between urban and rural.

The difference between urban and rural populations in the US and other countries is not just geography. As more people move to cities and the power of the political and social elite becomes more concentrated in urban centers, this division will likely become even more stark.


On a sunny day, we can all stand in the water and see that something needs to be fixed.

Person of interest.

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The Mayor of Paris is riding a bike.

The streets of Paris have been reorienting towards cyclists and pedestrians since Anne Hidalgo became the mayor. The climate and health crises resulting from the city's famously high pollution levels have led to the banning of automobiles in many places. Paris has the greatest percentage of people in Europe who count walking as part of their commute. Other cities might follow suit in a post-pandemic world.

It's a fun fact.

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Lunch is defined by the tiffin for hundreds of thousands of Mumbai residents. The way these meals are delivered is necessary in the city because of the crowded subways. Mumbai-wide, an order gets messed up about once every two months or 16 million deliveries. The most efficient companies have an error rate like that.

What to watch for.

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Net City is a planned new smart city in Shenzhen, China.

In cities where growth has outpaced space, some developers are looking to start from scratch. Smart cities, which use sensors to collect data on a host of activities, have been promoted by both public and private sectors as a panacea for urban problems.
Projects in Africa, New Cairo in Egypt, and Konza Technology City in Kenya are still happening even though Sidewalk Labs abandoned its experiment in Toronto. Critics say that the projects can take resources away from the underdeveloped areas of the cities.

Do it yourself.

There are some tips for engaging with your city.

There is a notice. It is overwhelming that cities have so much going on. A visit to a new city can be more meaningful if you notice the little things.
Either walk or bike it. People used to moving by car, subway, or bus might be surprised at the intimacy of walking and bicycling. Old haunt can appear new.
You can connect with local groups. Online platforms like Nextdoor and Facebook can be used to connect you with your neighbors.
Support local businesses. Your favorite restaurants and retail establishments might be having a hard time weathering Covid-related shutdowns. When buying a gift for a loved one, keep that in mind.


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