Thanksgiving in space means a cosmic 'turkey trot' for astronauts (video)

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The International Space Station's crew will have a "turkey trot" and some special food in honor of the U.S. Thanksgiving.

The crew of the space shuttle gathered to film a video about how they will celebrate the holiday while in space.

The astronauts will need to put in 90 minutes to two hours of exercise per week to stay healthy during their time in microgravity. The International Space Station crews call their Thanksgiving treadmill time a "turkey trot."

NASA tech helped make your Thanksgiving food safe.

Five astronauts currently living and working aboard the International Space Station preview their Thanksgiving Day menu in a video released by NASA. The image is from NASA.

He joked that the exercise would allow them to run off the calories from the Thanksgiving meal, which will include delicacies such as crab bisque, candied yams and cherry cobbler.
During the holiday season, it is difficult to be away from family and friends. The training for a space station expedition can last up to two years and foster close camaraderie, as noted by the astronauts.

"Thanksgiving has always been about spending time with people I love the most, for me," said NASA astronauts. She said that the crew would invite their Russian colleagues to join them on the space station. Meal prep won't take as long as it does on Earth, as most of what the astronauts eat just needs to be reheated or briefly assembled.

Mark Vande Hei said his current rotation has been a great experience so far and he is looking forward to the arrival of the Crew 3. The recent Russian anti-satellite test that forced all seven spaceflyers to take shelter a week ago is a sensitive topic given that Russia is one of the major partners on the International Space Station.

Vande Hei said he was going to do whatever he could to show how thankful he was for his crewmates. He said, "It's wonderful having all these people up here, and we haven't been up here in a while, but wow." It has been great.

The full crew includes Pyotr Dubrov and Anton Shkaplerov of the Russian space agency, NASA astronauts, and European Space Agency astronauts.

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