This Year I'm More Thankful Than Usual, And Let Me Say Thank You To You, Too

Every year on Thanksgiving, I reflect on the good fortune I have had in travel, miles and points, as well as being able to interact with so many wonderful readers over the course of the year. I am even more thankful than I have ever been because 2020 is even more difficult than 2021.

For my family's health. When people ask me how I am doing, I usually say that I am doing well compared to most of the world. There are things that aren't going my way, but what do I have to complain about? My family and I have the same health status.

Most of us have been able to return to normal life thanks to the vaccines delivered by the bioscientists. How can we not throw ticker tape parades for these people?

For the good things that Covid has done. The last two years have been terrible for many people. The scales were very heavy on the horrible side. I don't think we appreciate enough the small bits of joy that wouldn't have happened if we hadn't spent so much time at home.

I had dinner with my daughter almost every night when business travel was stopped. My wife and I share responsibilities with her when she wakes up. She will never be a toddler again, so it is not something I would have gotten. Intertemporal substitution is not the same thing.

For my readers. I get to interact with people. I have gotten to know a lot of people because of the comments on posts. I have been practicing online friendship since the start of this website in 2002 and have been going back to my days of being onBBS.

A reader I hadn't heard from in a long time offered a nice tribute to me and my website. He began as though I didn't remember him, and it might have been an attempt to reach out. I remembered our past correspondence.

I think I have to offer writing for 19 years here because it is a memory. I remember when things have happened before and how they worked out. I try to give some context to the developments of the day. I remember most of the people I have known since I started in miles and points, and this year it has sustained me more than others.

I thought I would use the opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of you that reads my website and interacts with me throughout the year. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world, and more fortunate than I could have ever imagined.

Some people think that I must not be interested, or somehow aloof, because I am deeply shy, and they think that by not being outgoing with them I must not be interested. The written form has allowed me to connect with many people. I don't share much personal information from my writing, but I am grateful for the connections I have. This hobby has enriched my life in many ways.

This has done that for me as well. I write and share what is interesting to me on the personal blog, it is the same thing I started. When I get a call from an airline's or hotel's communications shop because a C-level executive is unhappy with something I've said, I'm shocked. When one of those C-level folks comments here or drops me a note, it happens so often too.

I appreciate each and every one of you more now that there are more people reading the post. The ones that are trying to insult me. I try my best, but I don't always have as thick a skin as I should, because each and every reader has something to teach me or challenge me. Positive feedback touches me deeply.

Thank you. Thank you. I look forward to sharing this journey with you, and I appreciate the opportunity to reflect.

I added a few days to the front end of the Thanksgiving holiday after I returned from Malaysia. Outbound was in Korean Airlines first class. I stayed at the Grand Hyatt and the Intercontinental in Kuala Lumpur.

November 27, 2012


I thought I'd use the opportunity to express my gratitude for each of you that reads my website and interacts with me throughout the year. I've said this many times before but I think I'm one of the luckiest people.

November 28, 2019.

In a commentary.

I had the chance to interview Liz Claman, anchor of the Closing Bell on FOX Business Network, in between interviewing a bunch of financial bigwigs. She has interviewed Warren Buffett many times, and was in Omaha for the shareholders meeting. I thought so.

May 3, 2012



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