LeBron James Gets Two Courtside Fans Ejected During Overtime Win

While he wouldn't say what went down, he said obscene gestures and words would not be accepted.

I wouldn't say it to a fan or a player.

On Wednesday, the Lakers star got two courtside fans removed from the game during an overtime thriller, after he was ejected on Sunday.

The moment went down with 2 minutes left in OT when the L.A. team was up 117-114.

It's not clear what triggered James to approach an official and point at a man and a woman sitting in the front row.

In the video, you can hear a furious LeBron saying "right f*ing here" and pointing at the fans.

The female fan made an animated cry towards him as she was being escorted out of the arena.

The Lakers held on for the win after the game was resumed.

Last season, James had a "Courtside Karen" escorted out of a game after being heckled.

The story is developing.


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