US blacklists a dozen more Chinese tech firms citing national security

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The US government has added a dozen more Chinese companies to its trade blacklist.

Some firms are helping the Chinese military with quantum computing.

Tensions between the US and China over the status of Taiwan are growing.

The leaders of both countries had a virtual summit earlier this month.

Eight Chinese technology firms were added to theEntity List for their alleged role in assisting the Chinese military's quantum computing efforts and acquiring or attempting to acquire US origin-items in support of military applications.

Since the previous Trump administration, this entity list has been used for national security reasons.

The US Commerce Department said that 16 individuals and entities operating in China and Pakistan were added to the list due to their involvement in Pakistan's unsafeguarded nuclear activities.

There were 27 new entities added from China, Japan, Pakistan, and Singapore.

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was added to the military end user list, although the listing gave no more information than it had produced military equipment.

The new listings will help prevent American technology from supporting the development of Chinese and Russian military programs that could endanger the lives of innocent people.

Potential suppliers will need to apply for a license before they can sell to firms on the blacklist.

The US claimed that it posed a risk to national security and added the Chinese company to the list.

It was difficult for the company to produce mobile phones because it was cut off from some of its key suppliers.

The Chinese government has denied that it is involved in industrial espionage.

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The US and China have chip wars.


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