Black Friday Is a Scam

This is not a post about how to avoid scam artists on Black Friday. It is about how the whole event is a marketing frenzy that should not be subscribed to. You hear me, Big Retail? I don't think those LEGOs will only be $9 off. I know more.

Can you get deals on Black Friday? Absolutely. Is it possible to get the same deals on other days of the year? Do these discounts start before Black Friday and last until the second week of December? Black Friday may be known for its lowest prices of the year, but it is one of the worst times to shop.

You might think that the Air Fryer is only $84.99. $30 off! Getting up at the crack of dawn to grab a discount isn't worth your time.

There are low quantities of sale items.

Retailers can offer amazing deals, but how can they turn a profit? By getting you to buy in-demand items that are on sale and still above the cost to them. When there is a limited amount of that sale item, you have to check at least one gift off your list to buy something, and you are still in that store or website with a gnawing psychological need to check at least one gift off your list. There are thousands of other products within arm's reach. You didn't plan for and aren't deeply discounted.

Linda Sakraida, director of content marketing for DealNews, told CNBC that Black Friday is to bring in people with cheap prices in the hopes that they will buy more stuff. Being aware of that and trying to avoid it is important.

If you spend $60 to buy something that you don't need, that's not saving money, it's spending $60 that could have been used for something else.

The sale items may be of a lower quality.

Retailers and manufacturers work together to create lower-quality versions of popular, well-known products for the sole purpose of selling them on Black Friday. Well, they do.

This practice is exposed by the example of the Best Buy exclusive 60-inch Ultra HD 4K TV, which just appeared on the market. That is a big red flag for a product that is likely made with substandard parts. Walmart makes it difficult to figure out what is for sale by advertising TV sales without revealing the brands or models.

Three weeks is how long Black Friday is.

Most sales start the week of Black Friday and continue through the weekend to the following week, according to Deal News. The deals are not good in other words. If you want to wait in a line for a discount, you need to know that there is only one limited edition product available that day.

The Monday after Thanksgiving used to be known as "Cyber Monday", but now it's called "Cyber Week." We all stayed home in 2020. Retailers were also rough on that. They will go to great lengths to outdo their competitors this holiday season.

The best deals on cars can be found in May, October, and December. The week before the Super Bowl, there are deep discounts on flat-screen TVs. Are you looking for some jewelry on sale? The month of July has great deals.

Is there any legit Black Friday savings? Yes. The idea that we should rush to get a discounted product the day after Thanksgiving is ridiculous. After the last turkey leftovers are eaten, there is still time to save money on gifts for the whole family.