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The best headphones for kids.

There's a set of criteria when looking for the best headphones for kids. To fit a child's head, they need to be smaller. They need to include simplified controls, be comfortable, and include built-in volume-limiting technology to make sure that no child can crank the volume past safe levels. Kids' headphones are more affordable than ever. It is safe for toddlers to listen to audio at 75 decibels. The Noot Products K11 is foldable for easy travel, but other alternatives are more kid-friendly, with cute designs and durable build quality. You can find wireless headphones for kids. Some of our top picks for little ones are here.


The headphones will fit children of all ages. Their foldable design makes them ideal for storing in school bags and even for small storage at home. 40mm drivers have noise cancellation capabilities.

Kids will love the squishy, lightweight design of the ear cups. The 3.5mm cable has a tangle-free nylon braided design and is a good length at 5 feet.

The cable is tangle-free.
It is a compact for travel.
It is comfortable to wear.

Not wireless.
No microphone.

Cheap and cheerful.

These headphones fold up for compact storage, making them perfect for travel.

Onanoff is the source.

The kids' headphones include noise-canceling technology to help eliminate distraction while kids are using them. The volume-limiting technology has three settings to suit different ages, preferences, and situations: 75dB for toddlers, 85dB for standard listening, and 94dB for travel mode.

One of the neat features is the ability to share audio from the same source with up to three other kids using the BuddyCable system and stackable audio jack. Kids can use them without ANC via the cable if they get up to 18 hours per charge. They are folded away nicely in the hard case.

ANC technology is active noise cancellation.
18 hours of battery life.
Audio can be shared with up to 4 kids.

It is expensive.
Only two options.

It is possible to have a custom and wireless sound.

The wireless headphones have volume-limiting options. They come in sky blue and bubblegum pink.

The source is CozyPhones.

There are animal-themed headband-style headphones from the likes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as branded options from the likes of JoJo Siwa.

The designs are fun and clever. The soft fabric means the headphones stay in place, are easy to wear, and double as a sleep mask. You can roll these up to fit in a backpack or handbag, remove the electronics to wash them, and leave your child with their favorite headband, knowing they are not going to break the 90-decibel barrier. The headphones aren't wireless, one of the drawbacks to some.

The volume is limited to 90dB.
The fabric design is comfortable.
It's travel-friendly.
Kid-friendly designs.

Not wireless.
No microphone.

Fluffy and fleecy.

Kids will love the cute designs of CozyPhone.

The source is Belkin.

These are ideal for children up to three years old. They have a design that can hold up to a few spills. The SoundForm Mini Kids Headphones come in at a lower price than you would think.

The headphones are available in a variety of colors. The earmuffs are soft and kind. If calls are made using the built-in microphone, your child will get about 30 hours of battery life in one charge. There's a companion app for both the iPad and the phone, and the range is 30 feet.

The volume is limited to 85 decibels.
Wireless with a good range.
30-hour battery life.
It's affordable.

Strong and safe.

These sweet cans are made with soft earmuffs.

Puro Sound Labs.

Puro'sBT 2200s are perfect for older kids who appreciate a better build quality and sound, and are at the opposite end of the market. The noise cancellation function in these cans means that those 85 decibels should sound a little stronger without fear of damage.

They have a sleek look that will appeal to kids who have grown out of needing accessories to be cute but still offer youth-friendly touches of comfort, like ear cups and headbands. The ability to answer calls via the internet should also be appealing.

The volume is limited to 85 decibels.
The noise is ambient.
18 hours battery life.
3.5mm audio cable is included.
A microphone for calls.

Glossy and grown up.

These are perfect for older kids to take on planes because of the noise-limiting design and travel case.


Silicone cat ears are the kind of touch a younger child would be persuaded to wear headphones for. If you have safe volume limits, you can either set the decibels to 85 or 94 to combat it. Since there's no child lock to keep your child from going that loud on their own, be careful when using this.

There's room to compensate for wiggly wearers because the ear pads don't have a similar pressure or movement. The microphone and cord are designed to stay tangle-free.

The volume is limited to 85 or 94 decibels.
Tough headband.
A microphone for calls.

Not wireless.
There is no child-lock on the louder volume option.

It was fun and friendly.

These headphones have comfortable cans, and kitty ears built-in.


The Untangled Pros are designed to last your child from four years old through to the age of 11. The headband and ear pads have SoftTouch material. They can handle voice calls and have a range of around 30 feet.

They excel on the social side of things, with the ability to daisy chain multiple sets of headphones together thanks to the built-in SharePort technology. We can imagine a lot of audio provided by Untangled Pros.

The volume is limited to 93dB.
3.5mm audio cable is included.
Integrated SharePort.
A microphone for calls.
The noise reduction is passive.

Social and stylish.

These offer decent battery life, a fun SharePort, and a kid-comfy design, and are available in a range of colors.

There are so many options when it comes to safe headphones, and there are some cheap ones that might be suitable for older kids. When you're talking about a child, whether they're using the headphones to listen to music or watch TV, or they're wearing them while attending virtual school through a Chromebooks, you want to get a pair of headphones designed specifically for younger kids and smaller heads.

Depending on the child's age and how much you want to spend, you have options when it comes to children's audio solutions. The Noot Products K11 is our top choice for the best kids headphones because it won't break the budget.

You might want to think about wireless for school-age children, which will allow them to move around and travel in style. The cute and fun designs for younger children will appeal to toddlers. They might even convince them to sit still for five minutes so you can finish that cup of coffee before it gets cold.

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