Seven Astroworld Victims Reportedly Died In Same Area, With Dangerous Layout Of Barriers Exacerbating Crowd Surge

At least seven of the 10 people who died at the Astroworld festival were killed in the same area of the audience, according to an investigation by the Washington Post.
The Astroworld Festival will be held in Houston on November 5, 2021. The photo was taken by Erika Goldring.

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A surge of people from that area led to overcrowding in a small area of the festival that was enclosed on three sides by metal barriers.
The crowd at the main stage was sectioned off into quadrants by metal barricades, a design that allowed little movement and contributed to the intense density of the crowd, according to the Post.
At least seven of the victims died in the south quadrant.

In the south part of the show, there was as little as 1.85 square feet per person, an amount only slightly above a level that was studied by crowd scientists.
At the request of the Post, a physicist at the Institute of International Studies completed an examination that showed that audience members in this section were being pushed and moved by the crowd and not doing so at their own will three minutes into Scott's performance.
The Houston Police Department and Fire Department, Astroworld, and companies that provided security and medical teams for the event did not respond to the Post's request for comment.
16. The videos examined by the Post show how long it took for someone to collapse in the crowd. The festival was declared a mass casualty event about 50 minutes into the show. Drake took the stage two minutes later. Scott performed for 72 minutes.

The key background.

Scott, Live Nation, Drake and other key players in the Houston-based festival are being sued for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Scott's attorney and the Houston Police Department have pointed fingers at one another, with each claiming the other entity had the ultimate authority to stop the show. The police department is looking into the incident.
Video timelines show that most of the dead Astroworld victims were in one area.
The Astroworld lawsuit was filed by Drake and Travis Scott.
The Astroworld Blame Game is that the police couldn't have stopped the concert.