Samsung’s new app helps get more out of the S21 Ultra’s telephoto cameras

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The S21 Ultra has four rear cameras.

The photo was taken by Vjeran Pavic.

Pro Mode is available on all four of the S21 Ultra's rear cameras, thanks to the new camera app. It is supported on both cameras, rather than being limited to its main and ultrawide sensors. If you want to sideload the new app, FrontTron has an APK available to download. It is only available for the S21 Ultra on devices that are running Android 12.

The new app overcomes the limitation of the S21 Ultra, which is that its stock camera's Pro Mode is only available with two out of its four rear cameras. Pro Mode is an advanced feature in the camera app that gives you manual control over shooting elements like ISO and shutter speed and lets you shoot in RAW.

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There is a profile on the Lightroom website.
It's possible to support it in S21U running either Android 12 or above.
Linear DNG 16bit raw, Lossless JPEG, ISO, Shutter-Speed, EV, Manual Focus, White Balance, Histogram, Wide, Tele(10x) lens.
November 24, 2021.

The app can shoot in two formats, according to the announcement post. The latter offers the flexibility you get when editing a RAW image file, but the former produces images that benefit from multi-frame HDR processing. If you want to get rid of the post-processing in the DNG file, be sure to use an app like Lightroom.

When the app might be made available for the S21 and S21 Plus, and whether its features might eventually make their way into the stock app, we contacted the company.