The ultimate guide to the best historical moments


The Iron Bowl was won on a kick-six.

Chris Davis returned a field goal attempt for a touchdown as time expired, as he probably beat Alabama. 1:04

It's finally here, the week that is clean, old-fashioned, and that's what you'll see in fashion.

If you've ever been accused of firing a contractor because he wore a rival's shirt to your house, this is the time. The flag should be outside of your house. Get the group to text. Your next meeting should have a school spirit.

It's Rivalry Week.

Our reporters recap the excessive celebrations, tree desecrations and trash-can-fueled altercations from some of college football's greatest games. Get the meme loaded up in your camera roll by turning the fight song up. Here we go.

Go to a rivalry.

The University of Miss.-Miss. State, Wazzu-Washington, and UNC-NC State are included.

Ohio State-Michigan.


Georgia Tech and Oregon State.

Texas A&M-LSU.

Kentucky-Louisville, Virginia-Virginia Tech, and Florida State-Florida.

Arizona-Arizona State.

There is a method for this.


Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss.

Egg Bowl is better known.

Thursday's game will be on the Disney Channel and the ESPN App.

The all-time record is 63-46-6 according to Ole Miss. State

Ole Miss has a current streak.

Where do you start? Ole Miss wide receiver Elijah Moore dropped to the ground in the end zone, lifted his leg and pretended to urinate in the Egg Bowl. His actions drew a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The Rebels missed a 35-yard extra point attempt. Lane Kiffin was hired by Ole Miss three days after Matt Luke was fired. Mississippi State coach Joe Moorhead was under a lot of pressure. He was an odd fit in Starkville after previous coaching stops at Penn State, Connecticut and other non-Southern schools. After the game, Moorhead said, "This is my team, this is my school, this is my program." You have to get my yankees out of here. After Mississippi State lost to Louisville in the Music City Bowl, Moorhead was fired. Mississippi State's coach went 2-0 against Ole Miss. Moore's stunt was not original. In Ole Miss' 31-28 win over Mississippi State two years ago, DK Metcalf caught a 63-yard touchdown pass. Dan Mullen left Mississippi State for the Florida head-coaching job three days later.

Lane Kiffin was brought to Oxford after the post-TD celebration of Elijah Moore.

Steve Robertson, a lifelong Mississippi State fan who has the school's logo tattooed on his left hand, was researching former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze's phone records for a book when he found a call associated with advertisements.

Robertson, who had been covering Mississippi State sports since 2001, relayed his findings to attorney Thomas Mars, who was representing former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt in his lawsuit against Ole Miss. In July of last year, Mars sent an email to the Ole Miss general counsel about the call, and a week later, Freeze was out as Ole Miss' coach despite leading the Rebels to their first Sugar Bowl victory in 50 years.

Robertson said he received death threats and shared one with the sports network in which someone wrote that he wouldn't be around much longer.

The rivalry is defined by a quote: C.R. "Dudy" Noble, the name for Mississippi State's baseball field, played four sports at Mississippi State, then coached baseball, basketball, and football at Ole Miss for parts of the 1917-19 seasons, before returning to coach at Mississippi State. He became Mississippi State's athletic director.

Noble told a sports writer that he already knew what hell was like. I was a coach at Ole Miss.

The quote department has a close second place going to former Mississippi State coach. Billy Brewer, the Ole Miss coach, called Sherrill a liar when he was hired in 1991. Brewer didn't know what the word "habitual" meant.


South Florida vs. UCF

War on I-4 is better known.

The game will be on Friday at 3:30 p.m.

All-time record was tied.

The current streak is 4.

The entire game between these two schools qualifies as the craziest on-field moment. The winner of that game would play for the conference championship, as the East Division was still up for grabs. The teams combined for 1,186 yards of total offense, and the quarterback had a school-record 605 yards. The final 1:41 was a wild one in the rivalry. The 2-point conversion to D'Ernest Johnson was used to tie the game at 42. Mike Hughes scored the go-ahead touchdown on the ensuing kick off. Mitchell Wilcox fumbled and UCF won, finishing the season with a perfect 13-0 record.

The Knights won a classic over South Florida to go perfect in the season.

The strangest off-field moment is that there is no love lost between the programs and that the program was in a better position 15 years ago than it is now. The Big East had a tie-in to the Bowl Championship Series, while the UCF was in Conference USA. The two sides exchanged heated words after the University of South Florida declined to extend their series past 2008. The fans of UCF got a hold of Grothe's cell phone number and bombarded him with calls and text messages before the game. The Grothe family was protected by state troopers during the game after Matt Grothe's father received a death threat.

It's a natural hate. We don't like them. A lot of the young guys don't understand what's going on. It's something you were born into. When you sign a letter of intent to South Florida, you're going to inherit the hate you have for UCF.

Washington State and Washington.

The Apple Cup is better known.

The game is on Friday, 8 p.m.

Washington had an all-time record of 66-30-4.

Washington has a current streak of 7.

It's a good indicator that something unique took place when a rivalry game is branded with its own name. The Snow Bowl is the Apple Cup game. Washington State entered the 1992 Apple Cup after losing three of four and being ranked 13th in the AP poll. The loss to Arizona two weeks prior had knocked the Huskies out of the top spot but they still had a chance to go to the Rose Bowl.

The snow started to fall after the game started. Washington led at the half as neither team could find a rhythm. Everything changed in the second half. Drew Bledsoe's 44-yard touchdown pass to Phillip Bobo was one of the most famous plays in Apple Cup history.

The Apple Cup can be great if you play in the elements.

The 2002 game was strange because a lot of what happened on the field did not happen until the game was over. Washington beat Washington State in triple overtime when the officials ruled that a bubble screen was a backward pass. The crowd at Pullman's Martin Stadium responded badly, as fans rained down bottles and other objects on the field. The end of one of the best Washington State regular seasons in history was ruined when Reggie Williams was hit with a bottle.

"One game doesn't make a season, but the people who say that haven't participated in the Apple Cup," said Mike Price, a former coach at Washington State.

NC State vs. North Carolina.

It's better known as Carolina-State.

Friday's game is on the air on the ABC and the ESPN App.

All-time record: UNC.

UNC has a current streak of 2.

This game has never been as big of a deal as it should be. One year ago, these teams met as ranked teams and both teams were in the AP Top 25. This is a game that gets a lot of heat in the Old North State because neither of these Tobacco Road anchors has been as good at football as they should be, or that they have inexplicably kept this game off the final weekend of the schedule more often than not. I used to dodge fights in the parking lot of the stadium. The 2004 game was played in Chapel Hill, and the home crowd was left disappointed when the Wolfpack tailback rumbled into the end zone for a game-tying touchdown in the closing seconds. One of the goal line officials said that McLendon's knee had hit the turf before the ball crossed the goal line. On the next play, he ran it in again and it went airborne. The game ended with a Tar Heels turnover and a 30-24 win after UNC's Khalif Mitchell blasted the ball from McClendon's grasp.

The NC State football team received a telegram from Trinity College after the 1905 game ended in a stalemate, the third straight tie in the rivalry. Trinity changed its name to Duke in 1925.

"You might not hear much about that game around the country, and that's fine." If you ever walk into a bar in the state of North Carolina and you see a guy in khakis and a polo staring at a guy in jeans and an NC State shirt, you should clear the room.

Saturday is a Saturday.

Michigan vs. Ohio State.

The game is better known.

The game is Saturday, Noon on Fox.

All-time record: Michigan.

Ohio State has a current streak of 8.

There was a moment when Desmond Howard posed for a picture with the trophy. In 1997 Charles Woodson and David Boston went after each other. The 1950 Snow Bowl featured 45 punts and a 9-3 Michigan win. There was a controversy over whether J.T.Barrett got a first down. In 1973, Ohio State ran onto the field to a roar of boos and ran towards the Michigan banner that the UM fans jump and touch before every home game. The boos grew louder when the Buckeyes tore the banner down in the middle of the field. The banner caused an incident of its own in 1977 as a result of that incident. As the Ohio State players ran under the banner, the Michigan alum stood in the middle of the lane and body checked them. Bob Ufer exclaimed, "Oh brother, are you and I in for 60 minutes of football!"

The stakes of The Game were raised by Michigan's Jim Harbaugh and Ohio State's Urban Meyer.

This could have been the craziest on-field moment, but it actually happened off the field. Marcus Hall was ejected from the game after a dustup. He kicked a bench and left the field after storming to the sideline. He flipped off the Michigan fans as he exited the tunnel. Hall flipping the double bird went viral, and T-shirts were made with his silhouette.

"I can assure you that you will be proud of our young people in the classroom, the community and, most especially, in the next 310 days in Ann Arbor, Michigan," said new Ohio State coach Jim Tressel at a basketball game after being hired to replace John.

Oklahoma State

Bedlam is better known as.

Saturday's game is on ABC and the app.

Oklahoma's all-time record is 90-18-7.

Oklahoma has a current streak of 6.

This series is one-sided, but it has not lacked drama, especially in the Big 12's shootout era. Oklahoma State came in on a five-game losing streak with a freshman quarterback, Mason Rudolph, who had burned his redshirt a week before, and Mike Gundy, who was 1-8 against Bob Stoops. The Cowboys forced an Oklahoma punt when they were down by a point. Oklahoma State running back Tyreek Hill made a good catch. The Cowboys were called for running into the punt, and the Sooners decided to kick it again. Hill caught it and ran 92 yards for a touchdown to tie the game and send it to overtime. Hill said that it didn't feel real because she was crying while running. There were tears of joy. The Cowboys made a 21-yarder in the first overtime after the Sooners missed a field goal.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will play each other in the Big 12 title game.

Oklahoma State rang the bell at Old Central after their wins. The bell clapper was stolen by OU fans in 1932. Cowboys students banged on the bell to keep it going. Each year, the trophy was given to the winner. The Bedlam Bell is a crystal trophy.

This feels so bad. In 1992, the Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Bedlam ties were tied at 15.

Alabama and auburn are both from Alabama.

The Iron Bowl is better known.

Saturday's game is on CBS.

Alabama's all-time record is 47-37-1.

Alabama has a current streak of one.

It looked as if the official review might save Alabama, which was one win away from reaching the SEC title game in 2013 and a shot at a third consecutive BCS National Championship appearance. Yeldon ran out of bounds as the play clock hit zero on the field. The officials took another look at the clock and decided that one second should be put back on it, so that Alabama coach Nick Saban could have his place-kicker attempt a 56-yard field goal.

The Kick Six was born. The kick was short. Chris Davis ran toward the middle of the field after catching the ball in the back of the end zone. The field goal team was late getting into coverage and couldn't stop Davis from breaking containment, and he danced down the sideline and ran the rest of the way for a touchdown. Alabama was stunned by the fans storming the field after the football game. The SEC championship game was played by auburn.

"I've never lost a game that way before," he said. I've never seen a game lose that way.

Chris Davis' kick-six to help auburn beat Alabama needs to be at the top of any greatest games list.

The strangest off-field moment was when Al from Dadeville wasn't Al from Dadeville. One day, Harvey Updyke called in to Paul Finebaum's radio show and told him about the Iron Bowl rivalry.

The Alabama fan said he saw someone place a jersey on the statue of Paul "Bear" Bryant at the 2010 game in Tuscaloosa.

Updyke told Finebaum what he did. I went to Alabama on the weekend after the Iron Bowl because I live 30 miles away. The two trees were poisoned by me. Spike 80df was put in them.

Finebaum asked if they died.

"They are not dead yet, but they will die," Updyke said.

Is it against the law to poison a tree?

Do you think I care? Updyke said something. I really don't. Roll damn Tide.

The oaks on Toomer's Corner were poison by Updyke, which made them useless as a gathering place for fans. The trees had to be removed because the school fought to save them.

Updyke was charged with criminal damage, destruction of a venerated object and damaging agriculture. He served more than 70 days in jail and was ordered to pay $800,000 in damages after being convicted of criminal damage to an agricultural facility.

The rivalry was defined by the fact that every Iron Bowl was played in Birmingham, which was only an hour's drive from the University of Alabama but twice as far away from auburn. Pat Dye wanted to change that when he was the coach at auburn. Bryant said they wouldn't agree to it as long as he was still coaching. "You ain't gon' coach forever," Dye replied. Bryant reminded Dye that they had a contract to play in the city. They would play the game in 1989 according to Dye. They did. The first rivalry game ever played in the home stadium of the 11th-ranked Tigers was a 30-20 upset of the 2nd-ranked Alabama. "Sure I'd like to be 11-0, but I wouldn't swap this year for any year that I've been at auburn," Dye told his team.

Oregon State vs. Oregon.

The schools did not use the name Civil War in 2019.

Saturday's game will be on the air on the networks, with a 3:30 p.m. start.

All-time record: Oregon.

Oregon State has a current streak.

It's difficult to beat the 1998 game. The night time setting in Corvallis made it ripe for an upset as Oregon was favored in the game. A failed fourth-down try gave Oregon State the victory in overtime. The fans rushed the field and surrounded the goalposts without knowing that a flag had been thrown for pass interference. The fans on the field had to be brought back to their seats by security and team officials. Oregon scored a touchdown to tie the game at 38 and then kicked a field goal to start the second overtime.

The ball was handed to running back Ken Simonton, who had 157 yards on the ground and four touchdown, and he ran for a winning 16-yard touchdown. The win gave the Beavers their first five-win season since 1971 and set the stage for them to win the conference in 2000.

This rivalry is no stranger to strange moments, but what about one that involved fire? A group of Oregon fans tried to light their cigars with a "I hate your Ducks" T-shirt that was on fire after the Oregon-Oregon State game. The field was damaged by the burning shirt. Oregon State's assistant athletic director said that the entire logo needed to be replaced, which would cost over $5,000. The damage was closer to $1,500.

The Oregon student was caught by police after they found cigar wrappers on the field and a video of him throwing a jersey onto the turf. He was charged with one felony and four misdemeanors for not being the one who lit the shirt on fire.

"No Natty for you" quote by running back Ryan Nall sums up the dynamic of the two schools' rivalry.

At last year's game, the sideline was jumping around and we didn't have raincoats on. I saw the fancy Nike Duck raincoats. I remember thinking that we were going to beat them. They are not prepared for these elements.

Nall was correct. Oregon State beat the Ducks. His trash talk was thrown back in his face by the Oregon team during the game.

Georgia Tech

It's known as Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate.

Saturday's game is on the ABC and ESPN App.

All-time record: Georgia, 67-41-5.

Georgia has had a current streak of 3 and 16 over the past 19 years.

The 1999 edition in Atlanta had the craziest on-field moment when the score was tied at 48 with 13 seconds to go. Georgia had the ball at the 2-yard line. Georgia coach Jim Donnan went for a touchdown instead of kicking a field goal. If you were on the other side, Jasper Sanks fumbled or was down before he lost the ball. Sanks was down before the introduction of instant replay rules. The only thing that mattered was that Sanks fumbled the ball, and Georgia Tech took possession at its 1-yard line. The game went into overtime, and Tech's Manget kicked a field goal to give the Yellow Jackets a controversial 51-48 victory. The referee and his six-man crew were suspended from working the SEC championship game by the SEC commissioner.

Georgia Tech celebrates a win over Georgia by eating the hedges.

The all-time series record between the Yellow Jackets and the Bulldogs is not something they agree on. Georgia says it has a big lead over the Yellow Jackets. Georgia Tech won by a combined score of 92- 0 in two games during World War II. Many of the best players from the 1942 national championship enlisted in the war, so there wasn't a single returning starter. Most of Georgia's players weren't eligible for the military draft because they were under the age of 18. Georgia Tech was able to recruit football players from other schools because of the Navy V-12 Program, which attracted players from other schools. Georgia distinguishes the games in its media guide and record books.

"You don't put up a Christmas tree if you lose to Tech," the quote says. Erk Russell's family went without the holiday tradition only four times in 17 seasons as Georgia's defensive coach.

Texas A&M plays LSU.

Les Miles once had an idea that we needed a trophy. Someone needs to give a trophy. There's a lot of oil. On both ends. Maybe it's some kind of big oil. Not a barrel. A tool or something.

Saturday's game will be on the air on the ABC and the ESPN App.

LSU's all-time record is 34-22-3.

Texas A&M has a current streak of one.

The two teams played 50 times before they were ever in the same conference, so there is a lot of history. We have to go back to when A&M beat LSU 74-72 in an epic, seven-overtime game that set the FBS record for the most points in a game and lasted nearly five hours. That was crazy. Fans storming the field and Texas A&M receiver coach Dameyune Craig jawing at LSU coaches caused a melee. Cole Fisher, nephew of A&M coach Jimbo Fisher, shoved Kragthorpe, who was an LSU offensive analyst. Cole Fisher and LSU running backs coach Kevin Faulk got into a fight and John Battle punched Cole Fisher. Kragthorpe told the Louisiana newspapers that he didn't appreciate getting punched in his pacemaker, though video showed it to be a shove. Jimbo Fisher said that the matter had been addressed internally at A&M. The rivalry was made worse by that game.

Texas A&M fans celebrate with their players after a win.

The two are fierce recruiting rivals. Billy Cannon Jr., son of LSU's legendary 1959 Heisman Trophy winner, was the most scrutinized signee. In 1980, the younger Cannon chose Texas A&M because he didn't want to stay in Louisiana. LSU retired the elder Cannon's jersey in 1960, but there was a failed attempt to remove it after his son chose to play for the Aggies. In 1986 LSU and the A&M went to the wire for the services of one of the nation's top recruits, running back Harvey Williams. Williams, a star at Hempstead (Texas) High School, just 42 miles from College Station, was going to sign with the Aggies, but he heard a cheerleader singing the "Aggie War Hymn" on the way to his announcement, and changed his mind. For a little extra fuel, he said, "All that military and uniforms and yell leaders, I don't get off on that stuff." Reveille is so sorry. I can't stand that dog.

I hope they enjoyed it. I hope the score of last year's game is put there as well. I bet they didn't sell a lot of cups after LSU beat Texas A&M 50-7 in the spring of 2020.

Florida State vs. Florida.

The name is better known as: Sunshine Showdown.

The game will be on Saturday, Noon, on the ABC and the App.

Florida had a 36-26-2 all-time record.

Florida has a current streak of 2.

The Choke at Doak in 1994 or the Sugar Bowl in 1997 are both wild on-field moments. There have been many wild moments. The Choke at Doak, when Florida blew a 31-3 fourth-quarter lead, is the most notable. The game ended in a 31-31 tie, but it felt like a win to many people. Steve Spurrier said of the game, "They were all talking about the tie." I said, "Hell, it's the same for you as it is for us." Spurrier did not beat Florida State.

The Gators avenged their 1996 regular season loss to the Seminoles with a 52-20 win in the Sugar Bowl.

After their 1996 regular-season game, Spurrier accused Florida State coach Bobby Bowden of trying to take out Danny Wuerffel. The teams played a second game in the Sugar Bowl to decide the national championship. "We might hit 'til the echo instead of just the whistle," said Bowden. We try to do it legally. If it's too late, they usually call it. It was not good enough for Spurrier to say that they wouldn't go to the Sugar Bowl and take the shit that they took. Maybe we're declaring war on the Seminoles, but we're looking forward to competing with them and trying to beat them. It should be as big a goal as we can possibly have. The first national title was claimed by Florida.

"You know what FSU stands for, don't you?" Spurrier said "Free Shoes University."

Kentucky and Louisville are both located in Kentucky.

The Governor's Cup is better known.

Saturday's game will be on the air on the Disney Channel and the ESPN App.

Kentucky had an all-time record of 17-15.

Kentucky has a current streak of 2.

Louisville was a four-touchdown favorite entering the 2016 game, with Lamar Jackson leading the way. The week before, Jackson had been beaten by the Houston defensive front, and the Cards' season had already begun to fall apart. Jackson threw three picks against Kentucky. Louisville had a chance to win with a first-and-goal play. Jackson fumbled after being hit in the backfield. The Governor's Cup was won by Kentucky after they recovered, drove 60 yards on seven plays and kicked a field goal.

This happened on the field, but not during a play. Kentucky pulled a massive upset of Louisville the year before, and the school was looking for revenge. A fight broke out on the sideline when Jackson scored in the first quarter. Jackson got into it with Kentucky's Jordan Jones, but it was Denzil Ware who stole the show by picking up a plastic trash can and attacking a Louisville player with it.

The rivalry between the two schools went dark from 1924 until 1994. Louisville was considered an upstart program when the rivalry kicked off again, while Kentucky was already fighting in the SEC East. Bill Curry, the former Kentucky coach, said that the game was an obstacle for the Cats, while Louisville saw an opportunity. Kentucky won 20-14.

Virginia Tech vs. Virginia.

The Commonwealth Cup is better known as:

Saturday's game is on the ACC Network and the ESPN App.

Virginia Tech had an all-time record of 59-38-5.

Virginia Tech has had a current streak of 1 and 16 of the past 17

Virginia held a commanding 29-14 lead entering the fourth quarter of the 1995 Commonwealth Cup. The Hokies took a one-point lead with 47 seconds to play. Antonio Banks of Virginia Tech returned a pass and scored a touchdown for the Hokies. The play is remembered most for the feigned attempt by Virginia trainer Joe Gieck to trip Banks as the Hokies' defender raced down the sideline. Gieck insisted the incident was a joke and that he never came close to tripping Banks.

At the turn of the 20th century, Virginia Tech players didn't expect to win against their chief rival. Hunter Carpenter, a future Hall of Fame halfback, played for the Hokies from 1899 through 1903. In 1899, the team of Carpenter was demolished by Virginia. He lost in 1900, 1901, and 1903. Inexplicably, Carpenter decided to enroll at North Carolina in hopes of beating Virginia in 1904. He lost again. In 1905, Carpenter returned to Virginia Tech, his eighth year playing college football, and faced allegations that he was being paid. He was forced to sign an affidavit denying it. Virginia refused to play the Hokies again until 1923 because of the outcome.

Frank Beamer, the former Virginia Tech coach, collapsed on the sideline during the Hokies game with Virginia in 1989 due to heart problems. During a tackle attempt, Beamer was hit on the elbow by an elbow. "I got a tooth knocked out, and we lost the game," Beamer said. The score was the one that bothered Beamer the most.

The game is between South Carolina and Clemson.

The Palmetto Bowl is better known.

Saturday's game is on the SEC Network and the ESPN App.

The all-time record is 71-42-4 by the University of Clemson.

The current streak is 6.

The nation's second-longest continuously played rivalry ended last year, but it's packed with title-worthy moments. The peak pissed-off moment of the game's history happened in 1992. Steve Taneyhill took over a South Carolina team that had started the season 0-5 and led them to four wins in his five starts, including an upset victory over the reeling Tigers. Taneyhill threw for nearly 300 yards in the cold rain, and along the way, he stood on the bench, swung an imaginary baseball bat, and ran to Death Valley's center. There is a poster of that moment in sports bars and man caves all over the country.

It was on the field, but it involved a bunch of guys who should have been off the field. The warm-ups in Columbia in 1961, which were the strangest ever, included dancing and stumbling and dropping passes. They convinced the band to play the "Tiger Rag". The crowd realized that the team they'd been watching was not the real ones.

They ain't Alabama. They aren't from LSU. They're certainly not from the school. That's why Carolina's in Chapel Hill and USC's in California and the university in this state always has been, always will be, Clemson.

Arizona State

The Territorial Cup is better known as.

Saturday's game is on the Pac-12 Network.

Arizona State had an all-time record of 43-40-1.

Arizona State has a current streak of 4.

Arizona State had already secured a spot in the Rose Bowl when it traveled to Tucson in 1986 and the only blemish on its record was a tie. The SunDevils had a chance to make it a one-score game in the third quarter. On third-and-goal, Chuck Cecil stepped in front of a Jeff Van Raaphorst pass and returned it for a touchdown. The touchdown prevented Arizona State from finishing the year with a perfect record. Cecil's return is one of the most important moments in program history.

Arizona State won the Territorial Cup over Arizona.

The Arizona-ASU football game has not had a trophy on the line for a long time. Over the past 70 years or so, there have been multiple trophies. The Territorial Cup is the oldest trophy in college football. The Cup went missing for 80 years before it was found in a church basement in 1980. The winner of the game has received it.

The rivalry goes back to 1899. The Territorial Cup has an emotional fan base. It's one of the longest rivalries in college football. The guys that have played in this game have competed in it.

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