Doctor Who Reveals New Years Day Special and 2022 Plans

There are only two episodes left in Doctor Who's 13th season. Jodie Whittaker will continue playing the Thirteenth Doctor after the show is over. That will only happen during the last three Who specials that will be airing over the course of the next four years. The first special of the next Doctor will be broadcast on New Year's Day, but we do not know much about it.

Mandip Gill and John Bishop will reprise their roles as the Thirteenth's old companion and new companion Dan Lewis. If you have been watching the show, you know that the TARDIS is in bad shape and has lost its defensive capabilities. It still looks better in Flux than it does in the poster.

The synopsis of the special does not refer to the problems of the TARDIS. Their night turns out to be a little different this year.

There are not a single Doctor Who episode which you could describe as a little different than planned, and not have it be a wild understatement. The Last Night in Soho has also been cast in the special. What can we glean from the poster, other than that the TARDIS is having serious problems? Light streaming from the cracks suggests that the holes are real, but what made them? Is the problem with the TARDIS being caused by something else, or is it the Flux? The pattern of the gashes is not right. I don't know Who lore, so I leave it to the Whooligans of io9 to make their guesses, even though I will never call you Whovians.

The Doctor Who specials will air in the fall and spring of 2022.

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