Erin Andrews is ditching the pink and the glitter to offer women sports fans apparel they'll actually want to wear

Los Angeles Kings apparel is in the WEAR by Erin Andrews collection.

Women sports fans have more apparel options thanks to a clothing line started byErin Andrews.

The brand has partnerships with the NBA, NHL, and some NCAA schools.

The brand's success was discussed by the sideline reporter of Fox Sports.

The pickings for women's sports apparel are slim.

On the men's side, there are many options: jerseys, sweatshirts, windbreakers, and T-shirts in every size and color.

For the women? Not much else is pink, glitter, and not much else.

That was set to be changed by Erin Andrews.

The sideline of the Carolina Panthers vs Houston Texans game has a long-sleeve shirt by WEAR by erin esans on it.

The sideline reporter with Fox Sports launched WEAR byerin Andrews after seeing how limited the apparel options were for women sports enthusiasts. She wanted to give female fans something fresh and inspired that they could wear confidently.

"There was a lot of stuff for the guys, but not for the women, and there was a big white space for that," she said. I hosted an event for the Super Bowl in San Francisco a few years back and the NFL wanted me to do something with their female line. I was sitting in the clothes talking to my hairdresser. I'm like, "We have to do something with this."

She came up with her own clothing line based on her favorite items in her wardrobe, what women like to wear in an everyday setting, and what they'd be most inclined to put on for a game. After that, she began to roll out her first pieces.

The company added apparel for NBA teams and college programs. WEAR sales doubled across the network from the year of 2020 to the year of 2019. The NHL has been added to the roster by the brand.

The Los Angeles Kings long-sleeve shirt is from the WEAR by erin Andrews clothing line.

"I started my career in the NHL, it was my first job out of college." I was a reporter for the hockey team in my hometown. They gave me my first shot. I went to Turner after that. The first assignment I ever had was covering the Stanley Cup.

She said that she married an NHL player who's won two Cups, has been in the league forever, and now works for the league. It's special. It means a lot to us. It means a lot to me. I really wanted to get the NHL as a part of WEAR once I got the line.

The man doesn't want to stop there. She wants to bring WEAR's offerings to Major League Baseball, which would make it the fourth professional sports league for men.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback is being interviewed.

An everyday line may be on the way. A lot of people ask what I'm wearing on the sidelines and what I travel with, so it could be an extension of what she's accomplished with WEAR. She is considering branching out beyond women's apparel.

"Doing a kid's line for WEAR would be great as well," he said. My husband is a big fan of sweatshirts and windbreakers, so I decided to make a men's line. I would like to tackle kids at some point.

Fans can buy WEAR by Erin Andrews apparel on the website.

The original article is on Insider.

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