Roku promises to fix issues with HBO, Netflix, and more caused by 10.5 update

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Users have been reporting issues after the software update. The problems were reported on Monday, based on posts on the forums where users said that they couldn't watch any video content after the OS on their smart TVs was updated.

The problematic update affects certain older Roku TV models or older Roku Ultra players. Users with the Roku Ultra models 4660, 4661, 4662, or 4670 are instructed to manually check for a software update in a post on the company's forum.

Did the system update cause you to be down? We are aware of a small group of users who are having issues after the OS 10.5 release and are working quickly to resolve them. Here you can see our real time updates.
November 22, 2021.

Users of the OS have been told to roll back their OS to a previous version if they don't like it. While at least one user has reported seeing a prompt to upgrade from 10 to 10, the company doesn't mention that it will be widely offering a downgrade in its posts.

The issue with streaming using the YouTube TV app isn't limited to just one platform, and users have been having issues across almost every device, from streaming boxes like Apple TVs, to Amazon Fire sticks, and even The company initially said that it was working on a fix for the issue on Roku devices, but later said that it was looking into the issue on other devices as well.

We've seen similar reports of YouTube TV freezing intermittently, and our team is looking into the issue. If this is happening to all programs, then you should mind sharing what device you're using. Your patience is appreciated in the meantime.
November 22, 2021.

It is odd that the two issues appear to be happening at the same time, but they are not related given that users are seeing freezes regardless of device. Both companies seem to be ironing out the problems. There are instructions to check for updates on the support post for Roku, and reports that there are fewer reports of TV malfunctioning.

While the fix for Roku users may solve their problems with other streaming services, their YouTube TV troubles may not be over, as they are currently feuding over the unavailability of the device on the platform's store.