Texas National Guard Prepares to Block Illegal Caravans at Border

A top official within Texas' effort to secure the U.S.-Mexico border told the Daily Caller News Foundation that his troops are prepared for a worst case scenario situation and that they can be deployed within hours to tackle it.

The Texas National Guard is prepared to repel and block any large elements that come across the border, according to the public affairs officer.

The rehearsals are for that. They usually focus on one area, which is your ports and low crossings. The Contingency Reaction Force can fly in with the military police in three hours to get the Steel Curtain up and ready for it.

The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard are prepared to deploy resources to any location in Texas to prevent large caravans from crossing the border.

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The #OperationLoneStar Steel Curtain is more than just physical barriers, it includes National Guard Aviation assets to quickly move military personnel to wherever they need to be. This state active duty mission was ordered by the governor.
Tracy Norris is a member of theMG.

The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard were sent to the southern border to help with the problem.
The Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety have carried out a number of drills to prepare for the possible arrival of large caravans.

The Eagle Pass Port of Entry is over 50 miles from Del Rio, Texas. The images that were shared with the press showed where the military police were transported with non lethal weapons and riot gear. Military police were withdrawn from the staging area along with the three Chinooks.

It was a successful rehearsal.

A group of people are hoping to cross into the US from Mexico.

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