Anthony DeSclafani, San Francisco Giants agree to three-year, $36 million contract

The San Francisco Giants have agreed to a three-year contract with right-handed pitcher Anthony De Sclafani. The club locked up the 31-year-old who thrived during a one-year showcase.

The Giants led baseball in wins last season and are moving to rebuild their rotation. A source told Gonzalez that the team is interested in Alex Cobb.

In his best season of his career, De Sclafani went 13-7 with a 3.17 earned run average for the Giants in 2021. Primarily a fastball-slider pitcher, De Sclafani's premium control and the Giants' excellent defense helped him to a career high 31 starts.

San Francisco wants to jump the pitching market as a potential Dec. 2 Lockout approaches and a finite amount of rotation-worthy pitching continues to come off the board. Some of the people who have already signed are: Andrew Heaney, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Noah Syndergaard. The next week could see a number of pitchers find deals.

The best pitchers in the class could wait until after the labor dispute is over.

The Giants' projected payroll is around $100 million, which gives them a lot of flexibility to pursue big- and small-dollar free agents alike as they try to strengthen their lineup and put together a rotation behind 25-year-old LOGAN WEBB.

Sources familiar with the agreement told ESPN Monday night that Alex Wood is close to signing a two-year contract worth $10 million a season.

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