Baker Mayfield says 'don't really care' about being booed by Cleveland Browns fans


Chubb scores a touchdown for the team.

Baker Mayfield throws it to Nick Chubb in the end zone. There is a time and a place.

2:03 PM

Baker Mayfield was booed by Cleveland fans multiple times in the second half of Sunday's 13-10 victory over the Detroit Lions.

What is the reaction to it by Mayfield?

The Cleveland quarterback said Monday that the fans will probably be quiet while they are on offense and trying to operate. Don't really care.

The third-worst quarterback performance of his career was posted by him in a game in which he declined to speak to reporters. The quarterback completed 15 of 29 passes. He threw a touchdown pass to Nick Chubb, but also threw two picks, which led to a field goal by the Lions.

On Cleveland's second possession, he overthrew a wide open Jarvis Landry, who was in the middle of the field.

He had never missed an interview before.

I've never hid from that. All that was removed from it, just frustrated. He said it was best to wait when asked about it Monday. Not one part of that is about not being accountable. I would be the first to tell you that. I owe that to my teammates.

After taking a knee to end the game, he walked to the locker room, instead of shaking hands with the Lions or celebrating the victory with his teammates. He was asked about that as well.

My guys know that I care about winning the most. If I do stuff to make it harder on us, I'm going to be frustrated. Yesterday I did. "That's right where it was," he said. I'm not going to take winning for granted. It's very difficult to do that in this league. It hasn't been very common here for a long time. I'm frustrated with how I played. I've always been that way.

Since Week 2, when he tore a labrum in his non-throwing shoulder, he has been battling various injuries. He has been dealing with knee and foot issues. He never left the game on Sunday, despite limping for much of the second half.

"He doesn't feel 100 percent, but he's going to play," said the coach, who added that he never considered taking the quarterback out of the game. He's definitely fighting.

The 5-5 Cleveland can jump back into the race with back-to-back games against the Baltimore Ravens. Despite the injuries, he's still going to play in Baltimore.

Everybody wants to act like the world is falling. We know that we haven't played to our potential. We know what's at stake. We know what we need to do.