Apple to Provide DIY Repair Manuals on Support Website, Says Parts Store Will Be Operated By a Third Party

Apple announced a new self-service repair program last week that will give customers access to genuine parts, tools, and manuals for completing their own repairs of select devices, starting with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups and later Macs with M1 chips. The program will be available in the United States early next year, and will be available in additional countries throughout the year.

Apple has provided more details about the program in an internal memo, including that repair manuals will be made available on the Apple Support website, and that customers will be able to review this information prior to ordering parts for a self-service repair.

The online parts store will be run by a third party, according to the memo. It would be logistically easier for Apple to send parts to and from customers if they were to send them by outsourcing. A similar system exists for Apple Authorized Service Providers.

The initial phase of the program will focus on common repairs, such as replacing an iPhone's display, battery, or camera, according to Apple.

Apple's self-service repair program announcement has received praise from supporters of the " Right to Repair" movement, but there are still some question marks. As the program's launch approaches, Apple said more details will be shared.