Best cheap AirPods clones 2021

The source is Anker.

The best cheap AirPods are clones of the Central.

The "stem" design that protrudes out of the ear was the biggest statement Apple made with the AirPods. The best cheap true wireless earbuds can include clones that are not as good as the real thing, but that's not necessarily the case here. The Soundcore Life P3 is better than the AirPods in a number of ways.

The source is Anker.

The Soundcore Life P3 is a game that can be played by anyone, and that's exactly what everyone loves about it. These earbuds are loud and bass heavy, and their larger drivers give them that sound signature. They have an active noise cancelation that works well for budget buds.

Unlike the AirPods, the earbuds from Anker have an app that lets you adjust the sound and controls. It's also where you can check the battery level for either earbud, the latter of which is important because you can use either one independently. If you feel the bass is too heavy, the settings on the earbuds help moderate it. Should that work for you, there's even a gaming mode.

They're comfortable to wear. With a nice build and five different sizes in the box, you can be sure that you will end up with something that works well for you. They aren't particularly rugged with the IPX5 rating, so you will have to be careful, but clean them frequently after sweating, and they should keep playing for you.

There is a six-microphone array that does wonders for voice calls. Even though your environment is loud, you won't have a hard time talking. The microphones amplify your voice and reduce what you hear around you. It takes some time to get used to the smaller surface area on the outer earbuds, though touch controls are responsive.

The battery life in this range is respectable, with the charging case giving you another four full charges beyond that, and the ANC on (seven with it off) per charge. The case has wireless charging support.

Good sound quality.
Surprising ANC performance.
It was a pretty comfortable fit.
Excellent battery life.
Solid app support.
There is support for wireless charging.

Weaker mid-range sound.
Not very durable.

An upstart worth paying for.

The Soundcore Life P3 is a real bargain, because of its excellent performance.

The source is Edifier.

Sometimes the sequel is better than the original. It's the best way to describe Edifier's TWSNB2, which are hot on the heels of their predecessors. Edifier's earbuds are better for it because they are a different look than any other earbuds they have made so far.

The TWS NB2 is among the best ANC true wireless earbuds available at this price range, because the company included extra microphones. When you're good at half the price, you can appreciate the noise-canceling performance that isn't as good as the likes of Bose, Apple, and Sony. They'll pause audio when you take your bud out of your ear. If you don't want to take one-off, you can use the ambient mode to pipe in outside noise.

You might expect a booming bass, but that's not what you'll get. The neutral, yet lively, soundstage is more about sticking to a safe distance. The highs and lows of the mids are relatively subdued. Edifier doesn't include an audio enhancer in its app to adjust and personalize sound, so here's hoping it comes as an update someday. Call quality is not as good as others in the same price range. The touch-sensitive controls are not as consistent as they could be.

It's easy to like the battery life. If ANC is on, you can go up to eight hours per charge, and nine if you turn it off. The case will last a bit longer if it's ANC, but they will need a full refill before they need to go back to work. You will need to wait about an hour to get back to full, because you don't get fast charging.

A good balanced sound.
ANC is very good for the price.
The mode is Ambient.
Great battery life.
It is much better design.

There is no soundstage adjustment.
Call quality is not as consistent as the competition.
The touch controls could be better.
Fast charging is not allowed.

Keep the noise to a minimum.

Edifier ANC came back with an encore and a new sound.

Joe Maring is from the Android Central.

The Mpow X3 will do their best to make you use a bump. When you find a pair of true wireless earbuds with some power, it's always a nice find. The kind of bass you get out of the feature set is one reason why.

They sound good through a big and balanced soundstage that gives priority to the bass to pack more of a punch. With ANC blocking out a decent level of ambient noise, you get to hear what these earbuds are capable of. Taking them to the gym or on a run won't be a problem because of the IPX8 rating, which gives them a good level of water and sweat resistance.

The touch-sensitive controls on the earbuds make it easier to listen to music. Controls for ANC and your phone's voice assistant are included, but not for volume.

The case gives you an extra 23 hours on top of the seven hours of battery life, but it falls a bit if you leave ANC on. Thankfully, it charges with the newer, faster, and more convenient,usb-c, which gives them a faster charging rate.

Good sound with deep bass.
The ANC supports it.
Responsive touch controls.
Quick charging is possible with theusb-c.
Good battery life.

The case is cheap.
There is no wireless charging.
There are no volume controls on buds.

There are a lot of features.

The Mpow X3 has an impressive set of features that won't burn your wallet.


Skullcandy's position here is precarious because the company hasn't added one key element that would put these earbuds on more solid footing: the Skullcandy app. Three preset specific to music, podcasts and movies are included. It would be easier to tailor these to more situations with an adjusted EQ.

They're going to be good when you're not focused on them. The Indy Evo is very warm and neutral, and that's due to the fact that workouts and exercise don't have you noticing every detail of the audio quality. Unless you tighten the seal into your ear as much as possible, you won't get big bass here. These play better with all forms of rock and country, so if that's what makes you want to move, these could be it.

The rating is not as high as it could be, but it is good enough for sweating so long as you wipe them down. These earbuds are stable compared to others, even though they aren't great at staying in place with sweat. The ability to use a single bud in mono when need be, and the colorful choices, don't hurt for adding some personality, either.

If you're just using them during workouts, the battery life is good at up to six hours. A 10-minute charge will give you up to two hours, and the case will give you an extra 24 hours. If you misplace or lose them, you have a fighting chance to find them.

The sound is warm and balanced.
It was a comfortable fit.
Water and sweat resistance.
Excellent battery life.
There are nice color options.
There is tile integration.

Bass doesn't always break through.
There is no sound adjustment.
Extra-large ear tips could've been used.

A colorful choice of hearing aids.

Skullcandy has a pair of earbuds that will do well at the gym.

Ted Kritsonis is from the Android Central.

Let's get the caveat out of the way first. Tribit gave the FlyBuds C1 excellent battery life at up to 12 hours per charge and added another 38 hours from the case. You could use them for days before having to refill them again, making up for any hassle you may have had in the past. The four LEDs in the front give you a visual indication of how much battery they have left. There is no wireless charging for the case. Plug it in via theusb-c.

Chances are good that you'll find something that works for you, since Tribit includes six different pairs of ear tips. They are lightweight, so you wouldn't be wrong to expect them to sit in your ears, though you may have to adjust them after a while. The fit is more important because there is no ANC here.

There's more where that came from, with support for both aptX and AAC, and sound quality benefits greatly because of that. It's not bass-focused, spreading out to include good mids for a slightly warmer sound. Tribit doesn't have an app to get more out of them.

The buttons on the earbuds are more responsive than the onboard buttons. The FlyBuds C1 aren't particularly rugged with an IPX5 rating, so be careful with them. For a simple pair of earbuds that don't break the bank, you get a lot.

Excellent audio quality.
The battery life is outstanding.
aptX and aac support.
There are a lot of ear tips.
The price is great.

No ambient mode or ANC.
There is no app support.
There is no wireless charging.

Along the way, save some money.

The FlyBuds C1 has good sound and amazing battery life at a low price.


The Baseus Simu S1 Pro have a nice design that feels sturdy and comfortable. It's important to get a good seal to pull more bass out of the soundstage. The added benefit is that they stay in your ears. Baseus gives you three pairs of ear tips, and because of their subtle design, you have a good chance of finding something that works for you. If you're going to be active wearing them, be careful because they don't have a water resistance rating.

They won't win the award for the best audio quality, but they are a long way from being mediocre. You will notice that the highs are more subdued and that the lows are more subdued. It's a shame there's no way to tailor the sound through an equalizer. Even if it's nowhere near what more expensive earbuds can do, a tighter seal will give you better passive isolation. If you're in an area that's not too loud, the phone call quality is good. If you don't like the onboard touch controls, you can't change them.

Baseus didn't skimp on the case's battery life, but it's not going to be great at up to five hours per charge. The number drops even more if the volume is raised regularly. There are four more charges in the case.

Excellent audio quality.
It's lightweight and comfortable.
The ANC supports it.
The controls are on.
Excellent call quality.

It could be better to have phone calls.
The ANC can struggle.
There is no official water or sweat resistance.

Cut out all the cords.

The Baseus Simu S1 Pro keep you in your ears while listening to music.

The best true wireless earbuds are a mix of amazing options, but the best cheap earbuds are also a mix of unique options. They're cheap, but they're not bad. They're not worth buying just because they look like Air Pods.

The Soundcore Life P3 are better than the AirPods 3 in most metrics, and they are worthy competitors against the AirPods Pro. You don't get active noise canceling or the convenience of Apple's H1 chip, but you are better off using a pair of Anker's. Some of the unique features of the AirPods aren't relevant to the phones of the world.

The rest of the list has their own attributes. Apple charges more for sticking out of your ears than it does for the stem design. If your priorities are more than price, the earbuds here prove you can get more for less.

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