How to Talk to Your Family About Cryptocurrency

The financial world has taken notice of Cryptocurrencies. Everyone is talking about digital token.

Is it really the end of the US dollar? Not so fast. When your uncle asks if he should invest in Floki, you should have some answers ready.

If you want to sound like you know what you're talking about this holiday season, here's your one-stop shop.

As you pass the potatoes.

The biggest and most widely adopted one is the digital money called Cryptocurrencies, which is represented by tokenized digital money on a digital ledger called a blockchain.

If you want to be smart.

There have been several new highs and lows this year, often spurred and buffeted by comments made by Musk, and a massive crackdown on cryptocurrencies in China and a more widespread adoption by financial institutions. Wall Street is predicting even higher highs in the future.

Right now, investors are buying up cryptocurrencies in order to hedge against inflation. The next generation could end up with a replacement for gold.

The rise of alternative coins like Solana, and the rise of Dogecoin are making a big difference.

At the same time, investors should be careful about making the wrong move, as cryptocurrencies are as volatile as ever. It is a high risk game. Your uncle won't be able to predict Musk's reaction.

If you want to be a bystander.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is akin to buying oil and gas stock, because each transaction has a massive carbon footprint.

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