'Tiger King's' Jeff Johnson Dead by Suicide, Shot & Killed Himself

The person featured in 'Tiger King' died by suicide in front of a family member.

The Oklahoma City Police Department said that Jeff Johnson shot and killed himself in September in the presence of his wife.

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According to the incident report, Johnson pulled the gun on his spouse while they were arguing in the garage and he died.

Johnson's wife called for help after he tried to kill himself, and when officers arrived, they say he still had a pulse. Johnson was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Johnson's wife said her husband had not suffered from any mental illness and had not experienced any prior attempted suicide, so it's unclear why he did this.

Jeff's time on 'Tiger King' was short-lived, but he explained the beef between Joe Exotic and Carole. Jeff and Joe were once friends, but are now enemies. The story goes on. Jeff and Joe were cool in the past, but had a falling out once Jeff Lowe came into the picture. Jeff bashed them early and often.

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There is a report that Jeff's home was burned down during the feuding, but it's not clear if his beef with Joe and JL are connected.

Jeff was older.

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