The Morning After: Adele has the power to remove the shuffle button

The shuffle button was removed from all album pages by the time of the album's release. She said that albums should be listened to as they tell a story. If you have ever wondered if major music artists like Taylor Swift or Adele influenced you, here is your answer.

"Easy On Me" broke a single-day streaming record held by K-pop megagroup BTS. That may have helped.

Mat Smith.

'Halo Infinite' is the best when it stops being 'Halo'.

There are choices.



After its year-long delay, the opening of Halo Infinite was worried by the senior editor of Engadget. Even though it was nice to be back in Master Chief's shoes, he was afraid of a retread of the previous games. Same cannon fodder.

After a few hours, the game opened up after the acquisition of a Cortana-like artificial intelligence called The Weapon. He was presented with a choice after clearing out an early area. He gave a full preview of the game.
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Disneyland will get a voice assistant in 2022.

You will get smarter MagicBands in the bargain.

Disneyland hotel rooms are going to be named "Hey, Disney" in 2022. It will be available in your room's echo speaker and will handle requests ranging from amenities to stories and jokes.

Disneyland will have more technology in the park in the year 2022. You can use the wristband to enter the park, make purchases and go touch-free, and they will use a mix of lights, feedback and gesture controls throughout the theme park.

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The last hold-out.


The leak of the Google-pixel 6a was reported on the website.

The budget A-Series is rumored to get another device even though the Pixel 6 is barely on store shelves. The renders posted by OnLeaks and 91Mobiles might prove to be divisive. The future phone would have the same design as the redesign of the Pixel 6. The headphone jack from the "a" models appears to have vanished.

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The entire city of El Salvador will be based on the digital currency.

There would be a power plant to help with mining.

The President has unveiled plans to build a city near a volcano along the Gulf of Fonseca. It sounds like a video-game locale in Cyberpunk, but sadly it is more about business. Even if it is near a volcano.

There will be no capital gains, income, payroll or property taxes in the metropolis, which will have its own power plant to support mining.

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The soft synthesizer has a visualizer that looks back.

You can play and buy the project.


] (

The person in the visualizer lights up when you play on the Synth#boi, it's as if the device is watching you. Which is not sinister at all.
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The biggest news stories of the day.

One year of PS Plus is included in early Black Friday gaming deals.

Why Apple changed its mind.

It's time to test SharePlay.

Amazon has deals on Apple Watch SE and Fitbits.

The second season of Arcane will be on the streaming service.