A former hoarding technician shares six of her favorite cleaning hacks for a spotless home

Some of her favorite cleaning hacks were shared with Insider.

The franchise ramp-up coach for Spaulding Decon is a former hoarding technician named Fiona Mills.

The company specializes in water damage restoration, crime scene clean-ups, and drug lab clean-ups.

Mills used to work in the field.

A former technician for a company that cleans crime scenes and meth labs is now working for another company.

Since last year,Fiona Mills has worked with Spaulding Decon in Florida.

The TikTok video begins with a warning for users with sensitive stomachs.

"Have you ever seen a body outline on a bed?" is the question that was posed in the video by Spaulding Decon. The man passed away on his bed.

The only sign that a person had lied was on the bed, where there were dark stains on the limbs that were left after the body was removed.

A team of technicians from Spaulding Decon performed the biohazard clean-up. The company has a former technician, calledFiona Mills, who joined in the year 2000. Mills travels the country to help new Spaulding Decon franchises get up and running.

Mills told Insider her favorite hacks to clean the filthy messes.

Mills uses a formula to clean fridges.

Photos shared byFiona Mills show the before and after results of a dirty refrigerator.

The easiest appliance to clean is the refrigerator, according to Mills. Mills said that homeowners should use hot water and her cleaning solution, trisodiumphosphate.

It's a heavy degreaser. Mills said she would recommend it to anyone. I tell all the franchisees that they need this on their van. Half the elbow grease that you put into cleaning is taken away by it.

Mills said to mix 14 TSP with hot water and a Disinfectant for the average mess. Areas with a lot of build up need 50% TSP and 50% hot water. When needed, add bleach.

Home Depot has a variety of spray and powder for homeowners.

bathtubs and toilets are the worst, according to Mills.

Two before-and-after photos were taken byFiona Mills to show the transformation of a toilet.

The toilets could be difficult due to calcium build up and rust stains.

"I've seen some toilets that were so bad we had to remove them," Mills said. I've scrubbed a toilet for about two to three hours.

Mills said using hot water and a stone will cut through the muck.

Mills said to make sure the stone is wet. I will scrub up and down one way, then come back at it and go sideways.

Amazon sells pumice stones.

Coffee filters are the secret to a sparkling sink.

People should let their sinks soak in hot water, disinfectant, and TSP before wiping dry, according toFiona Mills.

Mills noticed that people don't let the cleaning solution soak in before scrubbing out the sink, which is one of the most common mistakes.

You have to do more than spray and scrub. Mills said that you need to let those chemicals work. You have to give the chemical a chance to digest.

Mills uses a large bristle pad along with bleach, and hot water to get rid of dirt. She goes back in to dry the surface with a coffee filter after the sink has dried.

Mills said that using charcoal or white vinegar can remove odors from the home.

The bathtub was cleaned by Mills.

The average person can use ingredients from their kitchen cabinet.

"You can put it on the stove and let it boil for a while." It's going to stink, obviously, but give it about an hour or so and it will make the air smell better.

She noted that charcoal reduces odor and is available for $17 on Amazon.

Without the proper cleaning agents, carpet can be difficult to clean.

If the damage is bad enough, the technicians will sometimes get rid of the entire carpet.

Most clients want their carpets removed by the time they call Spaulding Decon, but there are some solutions to persistent stains.

Mills pointed to a heavy-duty, Multipurpose cleaner called Shockwave, which regular homeowners can mix with hot water or a Disinfectant to clean areas of their home. Amazon sells a one-gallon bottle of Shockwave for $29.

The Pink Stuff Cleaning Miracle Paste is a great tool to use with carpets and other surfaces.

Mills said that hydrogen peroxide can be used to clear blood-stained carpets. Most people are approaching bloodstains in the wrong way.

People put hydrogen peroxide and then scrub. "That's the worst thing you can do because when you scrub it, you're actually pushing it further down and it's penetrating deeper."

She said that people should lightly apply the hydrogen peroxide, and it will foam up. You can get the stain out with a towel or brush.

Mills said that door handles and walls shouldn't be ignored.

Microban is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on walls and door handles.

The handles, faucets, and light switches are dirtier than a toilet seat, so don't forget to give them an extra scrub.

The areas are disgusting because your hands are dirty when you turn them on, and then the handle is still dirty after.

Mills said that people should use a general multi- surface cleaner like Microban 24, which she said is mainly used for mold.

Microban 24's Sanitizing Spray and Multi-Purpose Cleaner were approved by the EPA to kill coronaviruses. These products are on sale for $9 and $12 on Amazon.

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